Do Pineapples Grow On Trees? The Truth Will Shock You!

Do Pineapples Grow On Trees

You have seen these peculiar-looking pineapple fruits in the supermarket. But, where do they grow? Do Pineapples Grow On Trees? If you have never seen a growing pineapple fruit, you will be shocked to learn where these fruits grow on. No, Pineapples do not grow on trees. Instead, they grow on a plant that grows … Read more

What Are The Natural Phosphorus Sources For Your Plant?

Natural Phosphorus Sources

Phosphorus is equally as important as Nitrogen and Potassium for a plant to grow flowers or fruits. This will cause you to think, what are the natural phosphorus sources for your plant?  10 natural materials embedded with high amounts of phosphorous are:  Rock phosphate  Bone meal Bat guano Vermicompost Crab meal Seabird guano Chicken manure … Read more

Pumice Vs Lava Rock | 9 Properties to Judge Them By

pumice vs lava rock

Pumice and lava rock are two names that come to mind almost immediately when you want to improve drainage in flower pots. But, how do you choose between them? Consider looking at the properties of pumice and lava rock side by side. Popularity Appearance Particle size Porosity Heat tolerance Availability Toxicity Drainage Price Let’s start … Read more

Why Your Elephant Ears Are Turning Yellow And Brown?

lephant Ears Are Turning Yellow

Elephant ears or Taro belong to the genus Colocasia and have a wide array of applications. From being a natural remedy to an edible delicacy, elephant ears are a useful addition to have in the garden. But, it’s not always easy growing them! The reason why your elephant ears are turning yellow and brown could … Read more

Why Are Orchid Leaves Turning Brown | 9 Reasons + Quick Fixes?

Orchid Leaves Turning Brown

Just by looking at Orchids, you can tell that these plants are unlike anything else in your garden. Their leaves, roots, and flowers are unique. But, this beauty comes at a cost as they require good care. On the first signs of browning, you will be eager to learn why are orchid leaves turning brown … Read more

7 Easy Steps To Grow Plants In Glass Containers

Grow Plants In Glass Containers

Ever seen lush green plants growing in an aquarium for your own eyes or even on television? It looks amazing and incites curiosity about how to grow plants in glass containers without having a fast turnover of plants. It is actually a terrarium.  You can grow plants in containers successfully by identifying the right glass … Read more

Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow | 8 Reasons & Fixes

Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow

Peach tree leaves turning yellow is a sign of the tree’s poor health. Leaves need to be green to carry out photosynthesis. Reasons for peach tree leaf yellowing are Water issues, fertilizers, Insufficient Iron, Competition for space/nutrients, Diseases, Pests, and Peachtree sources.  Read on to find out more about the reasons for yellow peach tree … Read more

15 Substitutes For Perlite That You Can Choose

Substitutes For Perlite

In a rush and can’t do the research yourself? Let me give you the information quickly. Good Substitutes For Perlite are pumice, horticultural grit, poultry grit, sand, coarse vermiculite, gravel, clay pebbles, crushed shell, cactus mix with pea gravel, calcined clay, coco coir, wood chips, and rice husks. What is Perlite? It is neither a … Read more

Perlite Vs Pumice | Which is Better for Gardening?

Perlite Vs Pumice

Perlite is a common name while Pumice may be less common. But upon doing a bit of research on Pumice you will notice it is very similar to Perlite. So, you will wonder which is better Perlite or Pumice?   The main difference between Perlite and Pumice are cost, weight, toxicity, availability, and processing. People who … Read more

Hydroponics Setup Costs at Home in the USA | Factors Influencing Cost

Hydroponics Setup Costs

Hydroponics is the technique whereby the need for soil in gardening is eliminated. As soil is not used, all the necessary nutrients like oxygen, and hydration are provided by the water. This method allows for the plants to grow quickly, the plants are of superior quality and disease-free.  Hydroponics setup costs at home in the … Read more