White Slugs in Your Garden – Pros and Cons

white slugs

Have a lot of white slugs in your garden? White slugs aren’t really a breed of slug, it’s just a white coating they cover themselves with when they are disturbed or frightened off! So, are white slugs in your garden a pro or con? Pros Aid in composting  A crucial member of the food web … Read more

Can A Sunflower Grow Multiple Heads?

Sunflower Grow Multiple Heads

If you are fascinated with sunflowers, any picture showing a sunflower plant with multiple heads would confuse you and prompt the question of whether it is even possible or not.  Yes, a sunflower can grow multiple heads! There are several reasons why sunflower grows multiple heads like too much fertilizer, damage by pests, sunflower variety, … Read more

Why Is My Cactus Turning White? 10 Reasons & Treatments

cactus turning white

Cactus plants are exciting and low-maintenance plants that you can get used to with their varying shades of green adorned by spikes. However, when you notice their colors fading to white you naturally cause yourself to think “why is my cactus turning white?”  The possible reasons why your cactus is turning white are:   #1. Cacti … Read more

How To Fix Wrinkled Leaves On Jade Plants?

Wrinkled Leaves On Jade Plants

The jade plant is a succulent that is kept as an indoor houseplant or as an outdoor plant. It is collected, not for any wonderful blooms that it produces, but for its thick, round, and fleshy leaves. These leaves are dark green, the leaves are firm and it has a thick trunk. But, how do … Read more

15 Plants That Look Like hair

Plants That Look Like hair

Ever seen a Ponytail palm before? If you have ‘hair’ is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. But it’s not just this palm that will invoke the memory of hair. There are other plants that look like hair!  Plants that look like hair include the following 15 plants:  Ponytail Palm Variegated Bonnie … Read more

Purple Indoor Plants You Can Grow In USA | 20 Options

Purple Indoor Plants

Redecorating your house is a hassle as everything has to fit into the color scheme. So, if you are looking for purple indoor plants you can grow in USA conditions you will be pleased to know you can find purple indoor plants to match the decor and color scheme!  Painted-Leaf Begonia (Rex Begonia) Pin-Stripe Calathea … Read more

14 Types Of Indoor Ivy Plants That Can Beautify Your Home

Types Of Indoor Ivy Plants

Ivy is a common creeping plant that you can see growing indoors or on the outside of houses! There are several types of indoor ivy plants that can beautify your home with their unique leaves and small sizes.  Here are 14 types of ivy plants to grow indoors or around the house: English Ivy (Hedera … Read more

Do Hummingbirds Like Hibiscus Plants?

Hummingbirds Like Hibiscus Plants

Hummingbirds like bright flowers and if you are wondering if hummingbirds like hibiscus plants you are right because they definitely do! All hummingbirds like hibiscus plants because of their large colorful flowers that make a lot of nectar that helps satisfy the hummingbird’s nutrition requirements.  Read on if you want to know more reasons why … Read more

12 Indoor Plants With White Flowers

Indoor Plants With White Flowers

Nobody likes to have a non-flowering plant in the house. At the same time, having brightly colored flowering plants can throw off your color scheme! So, what is the next best option? Indoor plants with white flowers of course!  If you have an affinity for growing indoor plants with white flowers, you are spoilt for … Read more

How To Prevent Cucumber Leaves From Turning Yellow?

Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow

Having cucumber plants in the garden is a great help in the kitchen. They are not that high-maintenance and just require a few conditions which they probably share in common with your other garden plants. Here’s how to prevent cucumber leaves from turning yellow: Adequate sunlight for 6-8 hours daily Porous soil with 1 to … Read more