Do Pineapples Grow On Trees? The Truth Will Shock You!

You have seen these peculiar-looking pineapple fruits in the supermarket. But, where do they grow? Do Pineapples Grow On Trees? If you have never seen a growing pineapple fruit, you will be shocked to learn where these fruits grow on.

No, Pineapples do not grow on trees. Instead, they grow on a plant that grows quite large almost the size of a shrub! 

Fun Fact: Did you know that pineapple fruit does not ripen any further after being harvested? So, only pick or buy pineapples that are golden yellow in color. 

Do Pineapples Grow on Plants or Trees?

Looking at a pineapple, you may think that it must originate from a tree. Seeing as it is such a big fruit, it’s hard to imagine it growing on a plant. 

However, somehow the plant manages the developing fruit quite fine. Pineapples grow on plants, a plant that is a member of the bromeliad family! 

Pineapples do not grow on trees, but the plant could be more related to a spiny shrub than a tree. The plant is large, reaching 1 meter by 1 meter or more. A single flower arises from a central stem, when fertilized, this develops into a pineapple fruit. 

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Pineapple Plant Overview

The pineapple plant (Ananas comosus L.) is a perennial plant belonging to the Bromeliaceae family. This species is just one of the very few plants in this family that bear edible fruit. 

This plant has serrated sword-like leaves that grow in a spiral around a central stem. The pineapple is native to South America from where it has been introduced to other tropical areas around the world.

Nowadays, pineapples are no longer a rare offering as many countries have adapted to their growing method and conditions. Also, the establishment of pineapple canning companies has led to the greater global availability of pineapple fruit. 

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Can You Grow Pineapples Indoors? 

People becoming fond of pineapple fruit has also led to many people wondering if this fruit can be grown at home. Furthermore, this has sparked curiosity into whether pineapple makes for an excellent indoor plant or not.  

Surprisingly, pineapple is quite easy to grow and you can even do so indoors!  

Pineapples can be grown indoors for their initial months of growing. After this, you have to take them outside as they need full sunlight and they can grow quite big for an indoor setting! 

How Does Pineapple Multiply? 

Every plant is capable of multiplying or continuing its species through one or several methods. It is their ultimate goal to further their species. So what about the pineapple, how does it multiply? There are several ways in which the plant can do this, take a look: 

  • Slips- These grow from beneath the fruits on the stem.
  • Suckers- Almost like a root, these grow from the leaf base.
  • Ratoons- These grow from the soil at the base of the plant (offsets).
  • The fruit crowns- The tops of the fruit can be cut off and grown. 

NOTE- Each pineapple plant will only bear one fruit in its lifetime before dying! However, each plant usually produces propagative parts before dying. 

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How To Grow Your Own Pineapple?

So, how do you grow your own pineapple at home? It’s not as hard as it may seem. At least you can easily source the portion to grow, from your local supermarket. 

Step 1: Start By Getting a Pineapple

Visit a supermarket and select a good pineapple. The stem and the leaves on the top of the pineapple is the crown. The crown of the pineapple will be best for the propagation of the plant in the shortest amount of time. Hence, you should select a pineapple with a larger crown. 

Step 2: Prepping the Crown 

Cut the top off of the pineapple. There should be no pineapple fruit left on it as this could ferment and hinder growth. You can remove some of the small bottom leaves, leaving more of the stem portion on display. 

Leave the crown out to dry for a few days, 4-6 days should be enough. This is to ensure it does not rot when planted. 

Step 3: Space For Growing Pineapples

You might not have thought of this, but your pineapple plants can go on to become quite big! 

As they mature they can measure a meter in height and a meter across which is quite big if you don’t have the right container size. Add to this their serrated leaves you would not want to be in their way! 

Also if you are going to plant any in your garden, it’s best to plant them where they will not get in the way. Especially so if you have children or curious pets who enjoy much time in the garden. 

Step 4: Planting Your Pineapple 

Take the dry pineapple crown and place the bottom in a rooting hormone to promote root growth. Now you can plant the pineapple crown after the smallest roots emerge. Whether it is in your garden or a pot is entirely up to you. 

You must get the appropriate soil if you want the plant to grow and most importantly get a large-sized pineapple. 

Use fast draining, aery soil that does not have an immense amount of clay or other heavy soils. Inadequate soil quality will also lead to poor plant quality and fruit quality so be sure that you are getting your pineapple in the best soil!  

Step 5: After Care  

Once your crown is planted and sitting well in the soil, give it some water and let it grow. You may probably have to use a very mild fertilizer or better yet, organic material is the best option. 

Pineapple leaves are adapted for harsh climatic conditions. Their leaves are thick and slender to minimize transpiration and conserve moisture and so minimal watering is sufficient. 

Step 6: Location is Key

You can’t just plant your pineapple and hope it grows to give you the best fruit after a few years! You must place them in the best environment to be able to get the healthiest plant and best fruit. 

Pineapples need strong sunlight to grow. Originally, they are tropical plants, hence the strong sunlight. If you can’t provide full sun, at least dappled full sun should be the second best option. 

The pineapple also will not flourish in cold conditions or areas that have too much water. You will want to plant your pineapple out in the open and not under a canopy of plants that will obstruct the sun’s rays. 

How Long Does It Take A Pineapple Plant To Mature? 

The pineapple takes quite a long time to reach maturity. Plus this makes them a not-so-economical plant to grow on a large scale. Although, they are still a fun plant to grow at home!

It can take 16 to 24 months for the plant to bear a pineapple (its first and last one!) This is a long time that you will have to take care of the pineapple plants. 

The variety of pineapples that you see at your supermarket is the Smooth Cayenne variety. It can take 32 to 46 months to harvest. 


Pineapples are an interesting fruit but an even more interesting fruit to grow!

Pineapples do not actually grow on trees, instead, they grow on plants that grow quite large with long and thick spiny leaves. 

Allot a space of 1 meter by 1 meter for your pineapples and a spot with much sun to ascertain that it will produce a large pineapple. Also, you will have to wait between 24 and 35 months to see your pineapple! 


What climate do pineapples grow in?

Pineapples are commonly from Latin America and are popular for having hot and humid conditions as well as ample amounts of sunlight.

You can recreate these conditions in your garden as long as you have a lot of sunlight, and the right soil, and keep watering these plants when they require it. 

Do pineapples have seeds? 

Yes, some pineapples do have seeds! But they are often overlooked as they are small and almost unnoticeable.

Pineapple seeds are present just under the rough skin of the pineapple. They are visible in the flesh of the fruit when you remove the peels since the seeds are black or brown against the yellow backdrop.   

How long do pineapples take to grow? 

Pineapples can take anywhere between 24 to 36 months to grow and obtain maturity. Depending on the health and happiness of your plant, your plant may not produce a flower immediately. So, it could be that your pineapple could take longer if it is unhappy. 

How to harvest a pineapple? 

Only harvest a pineapple when it is golden in color. Also, you can harvest the pineapple by cutting it just under the base just below the fruit’s base. Alternatively, you can twist the fruit sidewards and it will come off quite easily.