How Do I Save My Ginger Plant?

Ginger Leaves Turning Brown

While starting to grow your ginger might be smooth-sailing in the beginning, you may encounter problems later on. These problems may become so dire that you need help to save your ginger plant.  Ginger plants may need saving when their leaves become brown, yellow, or white, curling, or if they become sun-scorched. The best advice … Read more

Best Container For Growing Ginger | Best 5 Ginger Pots

planting ginger

Looking for a container to grow ginger? You might want to buy the best container for growing ginger if you want to bring it indoors, restrict its spread, or if you just want to make them look pretty.  Here are 5 of the best container for growing ginger plants, indoors or outdoors. Continue reading to … Read more

Why Are My Ginger Leaves Turning Yellow? Signs and Solutions

Are ginger leaves edible

Want a healthy ginger plant but only find yellow leaves? There are many reasons why your ginger may be turning yellow. Reasons for ginger leaves turning yellow include Underwatering/Overwatering, Bacterial/Green Wilt, Fusarium Yellow, Dry Rot, Rhizome Rot, White Grubs, and Shoot Borer.  7 Reasons For Ginger Leaves Turning Brown + Solutions Reasons for ginger leaves … Read more

How To Grow Ginger In Cold Climates?

When ginger is bad

People who experience freezing climates commonly question how to grow ginger in cold climates and if it is even possible to grow.  If you can provide all the care and essential elements required for the plant, you can comfortably grow ginger plants indoors in cold climates or in winter. What pests does Ginger attract? Read … Read more

Best Fertilizer for Ginger | 7 Must-Try Fertilizers

grow ginger in pot

If you want to grow big and healthy ginger rhizomes like you usually see on tv, you will have to provide them with the best fertilizer. High Nitrogen fertilizers will not do! You need a balanced fertilizer or one with a higher Potassium content.  Some of the best ginger fertilizers that I would recommend are: … Read more

7 Reasons For Ginger Leaves Turning Brown + Solutions

Ginger Leaves Turning Brown

Ginger leaves are long green and taper towards the top end. But, if ginger leaves start turning brown it means that conditions are not ideal. Reasons for ginger leaves turning brown include Lack of water, Excessive sunlight, Overwatering, High and low temperatures, Humidity, Lack of nutrients, and Diseases. Ideal Growing Conditions For Ginger Growing ginger … Read more

Common Ginger Diseases – Effects & Symptoms | 5 Tips to manage

Ginger Diseases

Growing ginger comes with its own set of problems leading to a reduction in the quantity or quality of ginger. Thus it becomes a priority to diagnose issues caused due to ginger diseases or maybe ginger pests.  Ginger diseases can impact both the farmers producing ginger on large scales or even gardeners cultivating ginger at … Read more

Ginger Pests: How Do These Insects Affect Your Ginger? Tips to control

Ginger Pests

Ginger is used across the USA and the world for its amazing benefits. And to economically produce ginger prevention and management of pests is a must. Ginger pests affect the appearance, taste, and edibility of ginger. Apart from the loss of edible ginger, pests also act as a vector and transmit other diseases which can … Read more

Which Ginger Ale Has Real Ginger?

Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale is a carbonated ginger soft drink. Traditionally, it was used as a mixer to make other alcoholic or fancy cocktail drinks. The majority of people still enjoy drinking it as a healthy beverage due to the presence of real ginger and Ginger Ale Benefits. Ginger ale manufacturers usually market ginger ale as a … Read more

4 Types of Ornamental Ginger with use and flower details

ornamental ginger

Ornamental ginger refers to ginger plants grown mostly for their attractive flowers and foliage. They may or may not be edible. Either way, the flowers, and leaves are their highlighting feature. Originating in tropical regions, bright colorful flowers and fragrant flowers make ornamental ginger increasingly popular in non-tropical countries as well. Edible ginger on the … Read more