Best Grow Light For Venus Flytrap Plants

Best GrowLight For Venus Flytrap Plants

The idea of growing a carnivorous plant is exciting, to say the least! If you intend to grow this unusual plant indoors, you’ll need to make sure you give enough light to them. The best growlight for Venus flytrap plants for indoors are – GHodec 4-Head Grow Light with Stand, 80W LED  PYLYFE Grow Light, … Read more

10 Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Texas

pear- best fruit trees to grow in Texas

For local growers who are looking for the best fruit trees to grow in Texas, there are a few that especially thrive in its climate. Trying to plant any other fruit free in Texas would prove disastrous if it cannot acclimatize to harsh Texas temperatures.  To help you find the best fruit trees to grow … Read more

Popular Evergreen Red Shrubs to Grow in the USA

Red Evergreen Shrubs

Love bushes with color or just can’t handle an entirely green garden? We have great news, red evergreen shrubs produce red foliage as well as every color in-between green and red thorough out the year! Here are 11 varieties of Red Evergreen Shrubs Photinia serratifolia / Photinia serrulata (Oriental/Chinese Photinia) Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Monlo’ (Diablo Ninebark) … Read more