8 Reasons Why Your Lawn Mower Is Surging

Tow With a Zero-Turn Mower

When your lawn mower is surging it affects the outcome. You will end up taking more time mowing your lawn and it’s not as smooth looking. Plus you run the risk of damaging your lawn mower more.   Your lawn mower could be surging for a multitude of reasons, the most common ones are wrong fuel, … Read more

13 Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers

Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers

You have probably heard about zero turn mowers if someone in the family doesn’t already own one. These machines are the ultimate lawn mower or so people have said. But, the truth is they are also flawed!  Disadvantages of zero-turn mowers include difficulty to master driving, no traction on wet grass, poor usability uphill and … Read more

How Much Does A Zero Turn Mower Weigh? With Examples

Husqvarna MZ61 61 in Zero Turn Mower - Best Zero Turn Mower on Amazon.com

Looking to buy a zero-turn mower soon? How much a zero turn mower weighs affects the abilities and safety of a zero turn mower as well as the ease of transporting it and towing with it.  On average, a zero-turn mower weighs 500 to 800 lbs. (227-363kg). However many fall under or over this range … Read more

How You Can Adjust Steering On Zero Turn Mower?

Toro Titan 60 in V-Twin Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower with MyRIDE

A zero-turn mower is a great machine to have in the garden. It mows large areas of lawn within short amounts of time. But, when using it for a long time you may notice that the machine’s direction is off. This may mean that you may need to adjust the steering on a Zero Turn … Read more

Can You Tow With a Zero-Turn Mower?

Tow With a Zero-Turn Mower

Even though your garden is big, you may not have enough space to house a tractor to move items on your premises. Can you tow with a zero-turn mower? Yes, you can tow with a Zero-Turn Mower as long as the objects do not exceed more than 50-60% of the machine’s total weight. But there … Read more