Russian Sage vs Lavender – Differences & Similarities

Russian Sage vs Lavender

Look from afar and these two plants may seem similar or even the same! But step a bit closer and you will notice the differences between the Russian sage and lavender. Characteristic Russian Sage Lavender Flowers Tubular flowers are borne in panicle arrangement Irregularly shaped flowers are borne on the stem. No lateral stems (panicle … Read more

How Long Does Dried Lavender Last?

dried lavender

Herbs like lavender are a joy to have in the house because of their scent. However, don’t you wish there was a way around having a live plant in the house? There actually is. Dried lavender is a great way to have the lavender scent in your house for longer!  Dried lavender can last anywhere … Read more

How to Grow and Tips for Caring For Grosso Lavender

‘Grosso’ Lavender

Grosso Lavender poses as an interesting lavender variant to grow. It is appealing, fragrant, and quite hardy! It fuses all the desirable characteristics of English lavender and French lavender into one plant.  You should Grow ‘Grosso’ Lavender in full sunlight, with low fertility fertile soil, and do not provide shade or fertilizer. Avoid moist soil … Read more

How to Grow and Tips for Caring For Lavender ‘Provence’

Lavender 'Provence'

Ever seen those tall aromatic lavender plants that bloom for so long? This is Lavender ‘Provence’ and it is a hybrid mix of lavender. There’s much to love and many more reasons why you would want to attempt to grow and care for Lavender ‘Provence’ in your garden. These reasons include its tolerance to USDA … Read more

How to Grow and Tips for Caring For French Lavender?

French Lavender

French Lavender is perhaps the most appealing lavender type. Its flower blooms are colorful and these plants can even flower up to three times a year!  Conditions favoring the growth of French Lavender include porous soil, Infrequent watering, Full sunlight, Low humidity, Constant pruning, and no Fertilizer. Also, you have to bring them indoors in … Read more

Tips For Growing and Caring English Lavender

English Lavender

English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is said to be the beginning of all lavender and this is why it is called ‘old English lavender’. But even today the appealing colorful flowers and fragrant foliage make this plant very popular. However, one must ask how to grow and care for English lavender to make sure it flowers … Read more

How to Grow and Tips For Caring For Lavender ‘Phenomenal’

Lavender "Phenomenal"

Ever heard about Lavender ‘Phenomenal’? Lavender ‘Phenomenal’ is a hybrid lavender created from crossing English lavender and Portuguese lavender that can live up to 15 years. This lavender differs from other lavenders since it can tolerate mildly acidic soil.   What Is “Phenomenal” Lavender?  Many people think the phenomenal in lavender ‘Phenomenal’ is a describing word. … Read more

Does Lavender Grow Back Every Year?

Lavender survive winter

It takes one blooming season to decide that you want to have lavender in your garden year-round, every year. But can Lavender grow back after frosty winter? English lavender and Lavandula x intermedia are cold-hardy enough and will survive and come back. But not all lavender will grow back every year. French and Spanish lavender … Read more

Is Lavender A Perennial Or Annual?

Is Lavender A Perennial Or Annual?

Lavender plants appear to differ from most plants in the garden. Not just in appearance but in their life cycle as well. This automatically prompts the question – Is lavender a perennial or annual plant?  All lavender plants are perennial plants that last many years if looked after properly.  To understand what exactly this means, … Read more

Does Lavender Spread? Is It Invasive?

Lavender companion plants

Some herbs may take on climbing or creeping form which makes them quite invasive. They may take on rooting anywhere which makes it start spreading rapidly. So, it is only understandable to want to know if lavender spreads the same. To put it simply, lavender only spreads if you want it to and if you … Read more