13 Problems of Growing Lemon Trees in Pots + Solutions 

Problems of Growing Lemon Trees in Pots

Growing lemon trees in the garden may come with problems. However, when you are growing lemon trees in pots, problems are bound to occur. Most of these issues arise because the lemon tree is restricted in terms of space, soil, and nutrients.  Lemon trees in pots face problems like yellow or brown leaves, loss of … Read more

Why Are Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

Lemon Tree Leaves turning yellow

Lemon trees have lush deep green thick leaves that naturally bear a lemon aroma.  Causes for Lemon tree leaves turning yellow include overwatering, underwatering, lack of fertilizer, temperature fluctuations, lack of sunlight, and spider mites.  Outdoor Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Yellow  Being outdoors, lemon trees fixed into the ground need you to make conditions as … Read more

Why is Lemon Tree Leaves Curling? Causes and Solutions

Lemon Tree Leaves Curling

Only when all conditions and care are adequate will a lemon tree grow and produce the best lemon fruits. You might wonder why your lemon tree leaves are curling. There are a few possible causes like lack of water, nutrients, Overwatering, and pests.  Worry not, we will tell you how to correct the curled lemon … Read more

Why Are My Lemon Tree Leaves Falling Off?

Lemon Tree Leaves Falling Off

Leaves falling off a lemon tree can be your biggest nightmare if you are growing a lemon tree for the very first time. Let us look at the reasons and tips to fix the falling leaves of the Lemon tree.  Lemon tree leaves can fall off due to cold, disease, lack of nutrients, overwatering, incorrect … Read more

Do Lemon Trees Grow All Year Round?

Lemon Trees Grow In Shade

If you are an avid gardener and someone who loves harvesting your own fruits, lemon trees are an interesting prospect. But Do Lemon trees grow all year round? No, lemon trees do not grow all year round! It is just not possible for a fruiting tree like the lemon tree. The tree needs enough energy and … Read more

How Long Does it Take a Lemon Tree to Grow?

Lemon to Bear Fruit

Lemon trees are a great addition to the garden without needing space for an orchard. These citrus fruits have so many purposes! But how long does it take a lemon tree to grow? While there is no strict timeline, they can mature in 3 to 6 years, while they stop growing anywhere between their lifespan … Read more

How Long Does it Take for Lemon to Bear Fruit?

Lemon to Bear Fruit

It’s natural to look forward to fruit when you plant a lemon tree. But, expecting lemon trees to bear lemons within a year is wishful thinking! The lemon tree may even take a year or two extra. It depends on a few factors. Usually, it takes 3 years for a lemon tree to bear fruit. … Read more

Are Lemon Tree Leaves Poisonous to Dogs?

Lemon tree Leaves Poisonous to Dogs

If you are a regular gardener and love planting a range of plants and trees you’ll probably know that not all are safe for pets. For people who have dogs and love lemon trees, there is a question regarding their safety.  Nothing will happen if your dog licks a lime. However, lemon tree leaves and … Read more

How Do I Get Rid of Ants on Lemon Tree?

Ants on My Lemon Tree

Ants are a common garden pest that lemon tree growers will probably have to deal with at some point or another. Although ants are an important part of the ecosystem, ants’ presence could spell disaster for your lemon tree.  Aphids are what draw ants to lemon trees. If your lemon tree has aphids, there are … Read more

Can Lemon Tree Survive Winter? How Much Cold Can It Survive?

Lemon Trees Have Thorns

Lemon trees cannot tolerate temperatures lower than 27℉ (-2.7℃). Moreover, the younger lemon trees are less likely to survive winter well without some help.  If you have a dwarf or young potted lemon tree, bringing it indoors is the best way to help it survive.  If left outdoors, an established lemon tree can survive mild … Read more