Is Garlic a Vegetable? Or Is Garlic a herb, or spice?

Is Garlic a vegetable

Garlic is considered a vital ingredient in many cuisines around the world. It has even become a must-have item in American kitchens! Despite its fame and flavor, people still wonder, “Is Garlic a vegetable? Or Perhaps an herb, or spice? Strictly speaking, Garlic is a root vegetable (Allium sativum) belonging to the onion family. It … Read more

Why Garlic Turns Green or Blue? Is It Safe or Risky to eat?

Garlic turns green

I had the same questions as you – Why does Garlic turn green or slightly blue? Is it safe to eat green garlic? Garlic, like all vegetables and organic foods, contains natural substances called enzymes (alliinase). Sometimes sulfur compound called alliin present in the garlic react with it and turns the garlic green or slightly blue. … Read more

8 Common Garlic Pests – How To Identify and Control them?

garlic pests

Garlic has become a beloved vegetable and Americans are even growing garlic indoors for scapes or bulbs. But after waiting for 8 – 9 long months, you may find your garlic crop is damaged and made unusable by the uninvited guests – “Garlic Pests“. Common Pests for Garlic are Onion Thrips, Dry Bulb Mites, Onion … Read more

Garlic Crop Diseases: Tips to Manage and Prevent

Purple Stripe Garlic

A large amount of garlic is lost during growth and after harvesting due to diseases. Garlic crop diseases are predominantly initiated by a variety of fungi. Mostly, these fungi are naturally present in the soil or in decaying plant matter in the form of inactive spores.  Although these spores are situated in the soil and … Read more

Effects of Growing Garlic on your Garden? The Honest Truth!

Effects of Growing Garlic

Garlic is a popular choice with home gardeners for its unique taste, benefits, and long shelf life. But does growing garlic affect your garden? Are there any benefits of growing garlic for other companion plants? Does the soil lose or gain nutrients after garlic grows in your garden? Yes, there are both positive and negative … Read more

Side Effects and Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic Daily

Side Effects and Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic

There are numerous long-term benefits of eating raw garlic daily and hence Garlic is a sought-after vegetable. Eating raw garlic daily is known to have many beneficial side effects. Indeed, there are some side effects as well of eating garlic daily, especially raw garlic. But when you look at this from a future perspective, the … Read more

Different Types of Garlic and Their Requirements to Grow

Grow Garlic

Many home gardeners have started to adopt the action of growing vegetables from the comfort of home. But before you start this endeavor, let us help you understand which types of garlic are most suitable for you to grow and what are the requirements to be met. Garlic culturing is thought to have an origin … Read more

Grow Garlic scapes in Water – No Garden Required!

Grow Garlic in Water

Growing garlic indoors is convenient and it becomes super easy if you can grow spring garlic or scapes in water without needing the soil. You just need a small glass container and some water to grow edible spring garlic or scapes within a few weeks. This technique of growing vegetables in water is known as … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Spring Garlic & Scapes.

Spring Garlic

Not many know this but you can harvest Garlic during several stages of growth and harvest the scapes, young spring garlic, or mature garlic bulbs. Edible parts of Garlic like Spring Garlic, scapes, or the grown garlic bulbs require different harvesting. Let us look at each of them below. What is Spring Garlic? I’m sure … Read more

How Long Does Garlic Last? (Also if kept In the Fridge)

How Long Does Garlic Last

Garlic is quite common in all kitchens but like any other vegetable, it rots when it remains in constant exposure to air for some time. So how long does Garlic Last? Garlic can stay fresh for about six to eight months when kept as one whole head unpeeled in a dry place. When it comes … Read more