How To Grow Rainbow Eucalyptus Bonsai | Growing & Care Guide

Rainbow Eucalyptus Bonsai

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is indeed an interesting plant known for its multi-color wood trunk. If you have ever seen the trunk, you would wonder if it is possible to recreate this tree in a smaller form. You can grow a Rainbow Eucalyptus bonsai! Want to know what you need to provide to grow rainbow eucalyptus … Read more

How to Grow an Avocado Bonsai | Growing & Care Guide

Avocado Bonsai

Bonsai has become an art to which many novel gardeners are trying their hand at growing! One plant that makes a popular and interesting bonsai is avocado. So, to help people curious about this technique here’s a guide on how to grow an avocado bonsai.  To grow avocado bonsai, you require the following conditions: A … Read more

Sugar Maple Bonsai | Growing & Care Guide

Sugar Maple Bonsai

When looking for a plant to grow into a bonsai, you would naturally look for one that is appealing but offers more. Changing the colors of foliage during the seasons is one extra perk that would make this plant a great bonsai.  Growing a sugar maple bonsai will require the following: Porous soil embedded with … Read more

How to Grow Peach Bonsai Tree | Growing & Care Guide

peach bonsai tree

If you have recently become a fan of bonsai, you will be more excited to know you can bonsai fruit trees, even a peach tree. If you are an avid peach fruit fan, you will want to know how to grow peach bonsai trees and if they will bear fruit!  You can grow peach tree … Read more

How To Grow A Basil Bonsai | Care & Growing Guide

Grow A Basil Bonsai

Basil is an interesting herb but even more interesting to grow as a bonsai plant. So, is it even possible to grow basil as a bonsai? Yes, it is possible to grow basil as a bonsai. You just need to know how to grow a basil bonsai using the conditions a basil plant likes.  Here … Read more

Flame Tree Bonsai | How To Care?

Flame Tree Bonsai

If the ornamental Flame Tree has caught your eye with its appealing blooms, you will want to know what comes next after planting. How to care for your flame tree bonsai will be your one and only thought!  Taking care of a Flame Tree bonsai involves the following activities: fertilizing, pruning, training, repotting, and pest/disease … Read more