Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow | 8 Reasons & Fixes

Peach tree leaves turning yellow is a sign of the tree’s poor health. Leaves need to be green to carry out photosynthesis.

Reasons for peach tree leaf yellowing are Water issues, fertilizers, Insufficient Iron, Competition for space/nutrients, Diseases, Pests, and Peachtree sources. 

Read on to find out more about the reasons for yellow peach tree leaves, and their solution. 

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Reasons For Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow

There is not one reason but several reasons why your peach tree leaves are turning yellow. In rare cases, it could be a mixture of two reasons causing the drastic color change! 

Here are a few problems that cause peach tree leaves to turn yellow. 

#1- Watering Issues (Too Much/Lack of Water)

There are many people who complain that their peach tree leaves are turning yellow. Yet the most common reason for this is either underwatering or overwatering. Both can be detrimental to the tree’s health.

Overwatered roots become waterlogged and when this happens they cannot take moisture from the soil properly. This can lead to root rot and yellowing of the leaves. This is basically your peach tree asking for help.

On the other hand, underwatering will turn the trees’ leaves yellow too. The roots will soon start to dry out if not watered soon. It is essential to check that your trees are being watered regularly. 

Newly planted trees in warm weather need between 5 to 10 gallons of water per week. However, fully grown trees need 15 to 20 gallons of water on hot days. Keep an eye on the weather and adjust the watering accordingly.

#2- Fertilizer Problems

Besides having good soil and plenty of water, peach trees need good fertilizer. They are heavy feeders and need a regular supply of nutrients to stay healthy. If the fertilizer is omitted or is lacking in essential minerals, the leaves can turn yellow.

Or you may find your tree producing fewer fruits than before. If you think this might be the case, consider giving your tree a boost with a good-quality fertilizer. It would not hurt to give the peach tree a top dressing of mulch. This will keep the moisture in as well as protect the roots.

#3- Insufficient Iron

Another common reason why your peach tree might be having yellow leaves is because of a lack of Iron. Peach trees need adequate levels of Iron in the soil to perform functions such as photosynthesis and absorb nutrients from the soil.

The lack of Iron in your peach trees is easy to identify as the yellow leaves will have green veins. This iron deficiency is known as chlorosis, but it’s easy to remedy. Add an organic blend of Iron sulfate to the soil. This will address the imbalance and give the peach trees more Iron.

#4-Soil pH

Along with the deficiency in Iron, you could have a low soil pH. The ideal pH for trees is between pH 6 – 7. You can get a soil test kit, and do the soil testing yourself to check if your soil is appropriate or not. 

If the soil pH is above 7, you will have to lower it by adding some form of Sulfur. Aluminum sulfate works the fastest to lower soil pH. If the soil is a lot below 6, you will have to raise it by adding a substance containing lime. 

#5- Competition (for space & nutrients) 

Nutrients, light, water, and space. These are fundamentals that are necessary for all plants to survive. Peach trees compete for light, nutrients, water, and space when planted too close together. Hence, this could cause undue stress to all the trees in the area.  

In turn, this stress can cause the leaves of the tree to turn yellow. So, another stressful situation is when there are too many weeds at the base of your peach trees. These weeds compete with your tree for space, nutrients, and water.

We might think that insignificant weeds don’t disturb a tree, but they do! This causes the peach tree leaves to turn yellow. So start weeding and the situation will be rectified soon.

#6- Diseases

Peach tree leaves turning yellow are a sign of disease. Most of these diseases are fungal-based and carried along through spores. Spores can be present in the air, soil, or on plant matter and can remain viable for a very long amount of time. 

Fungal rust

A common disease that causes peach tree leaves to be yellow is fungal rust. The leaves develop yellow spots which can turn into lesions. The fungus then spreads spores through the air, soil, and plant matter. Treat it as soon as you notice it, to stop it from spreading.

As with all fungal diseases, excessive moisture is the problem. So when watering try not to get the leaves wet and do not overwater your peach trees. If the condition has already spread to many trees, you will have to use a good fungicide to combat the disease.

Brown Spot

This is yet another fungal disease, also caused by excessive moisture. It appears as brown spots on the yellow leaves, this is how it got its name. Removing the infected parts can stop the spread to other trees.

Peach Leaf Curl

Taphrina deformans cause this disease. This fungus causes the peach leaves to turn yellow and red, and curl up. Eventually, they curl up completely and fall off.

This condition is common in cold, damp weather, it can be hard to treat but it will not kill the peach tree. Try to stop it from spreading to the other peach trees.

#7- Pests 

Like common garden plants, trees aren’t immune to pests as well. Especially fruit trees such as peach trees have a long list of pests to be aware of. It is important to be able to identify pests that are capable of wreaking havoc on fruit trees. 

Sometimes it may not just be insects that you have to worry about as a few animals like peaches as well! But, the most probable pest to cause peach tree leaves to turn yellow are aphids and scale insects. 


It is easier to tackle these pests in the early stages than to deal with an infestation! Large infestations can cause the peach tree leaves to turn yellow after some time. These insects appear as white, yellow, or black specks on your leaves. 

They feed on leaf sap and will attach to the leaves’ surface or underside. Eventually, they can create holes, deform, or discolor your peach tree leaves. Populations grow rapidly and their presence can also attract ants. 

Tackle them by spraying high pressurized water or insecticidal solution. Also, you can use Neem or Horticultural oil to reduce the aphid numbers. Alternatively, you can include natural predators around your peach tree, beetles such as ladybugs are the best predators of aphids and scale insects. 

Scale Insects

These are other troublesome insects whose presence can cause peach tree leaves to turn yellow. They fix onto the underside of your tree’s leaves and feed on leaf sap. Their name comes from the fact that they appear scale-like, circular, and somewhat flattish. 

They appear white and brown and line the veins of the leaves feeding on sap. Eventually, they can cause ill effects in your peach tree. So, talking about controlling scale insects, use the methods you would apply to get rid of aphids. 

#8- Peach Tree Source 

Some peach trees may have yellow leaves because of some diseases the tree already had. Taking an offcut from a diseased peach tree may mean it will have the same problem. This is a problem you can avoid by always ensuring you are getting a plant or tree that has excellent genetics. 

Plus, some genetically modified variants can be resistant to disease, drought, and even harsher weather conditions. 


Peach tree leaves turning yellow could be alarming, and may make you think that your tree’s health or ability to produce fruits is compromised. 

Reasons for your yellow peach tree leaves are:

  • Water issues
  • Fertilizer
  • Insufficient Iron
  • Competition for space/nutrients
  • Diseases
  • Pests
  • Peachtree source

By concluding what the reason is for your peach tree leaves turning yellow, you can find the solution and solve them before your whole tree becomes yellow. Solutions include adjusting watering, fertilizing, competition, curing diseases, and getting rid of pests. 

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How do I fix yellow leaves on my peach tree?

Fixing yellow leaves starts by diagnosing the problem. It could be one of a wide range of reasons. Solutions include increasing or decreasing watering, using fertilizer, and keeping it free of pests and diseases. Also locating the tree in the right location will make a difference. 

Why are my peach tree leaves drooping? 

Peach tree leaves drooping is a sign of lack or excess water. Also, climatic factors such as heat stress, season, and transplant shock can be a few more reasons that cause peach tree leaves to droop.