Are your Dahlia Leaves Turning Brown?

Dahlia Leaves Turning Brown

Dahlia leaves are bliss to your eyes and add serenity to the entire environment. While Dahlia is available in different colors and sizes to enhance your decor, the leaves of Dahlia are equally enticing. The vibrant green adds an alluring charm and brings joy to your heart, as the color green is the ultimate gift … Read more

Why are my Dahlias not blooming? Reasons and Tips to Fix


Due to unfavorable situations, dahlias sometimes do not bloom.     There can be several reasons for your dahlias not blooming such as inadequate sunshine, underwatering, overwatering, soil composition, lack of pruning, slugs, etc. Let us look at these reasons briefly and know the signs that can help in the identification of the problem and the … Read more

What is the Best Fertilizer for Dahlia? Complete Guide


If you are growing Dahlia, you would certainly be thinking should I fertilize my Dahlia, if yes, which is the best fertilizer, when should I fertilize and how should I fertilize my Dahlias. For Dahlia, we would suggest fertilizer having lower Nitrogen. We would recommend Lilly Miller Bulb & Bloom Food 4-10-10 4lb. Let us give … Read more

How to fix Dahlia Leaves Turning Yellow?

Dahlia leaves curling

Dahlias are magnificent plants that exhibit large exotic flowers which can mesmerize any plant lover. It can sink your heart when you see the leaves of Dahlia turning yellow. Reasons for Dahlia’s leaves to turn yellow include Incorrect Soil, Pests, Overwatering, Underwatering, Disease, etc. To fix the yellowing leaves you would need to identify the … Read more

Why Are My Dahlia Leaves Curling? Reasons and Solutions

Dahlia leaves curling

Dahlias are exotic flowers and a gardener’s dream. Those who grow dahlias know that they are prone to curling leaves, but do not know its reasons and solutions. Your dahlia leaves can curl due to varied reasons like overwatering, underwatering, temperature stress, Virus attack, Insect attack, or, Nutrient Deficiency, etc. The curling of leaves is … Read more

Are dahlia deer resistant? Tips to protect your Dahlias?


If you live near a big park or outside the city limit where deers come by, you might wonder “Are Dahlia deer resistant?” Deer usually don’t eat Dahlia and are considered deer safe. However, deers can seldom snack on Dahlias if they are really hungry and there is food scarcity. Why Deers don’t like Dahlia? … Read more