Is Mint a Creeper?

Harvest Mint

You might have heard that creepers are bad for your garden. Is your mint plant also a creeper? Yes. Mint is one of the few creeper herbs because it spreads everywhere and takes over space entirely. What is a creeper? A creeper is a type of plant that grows along the ground by means of … Read more

Why is my Mint Flowering? Should you let your mint flower?

mint flower

Have you seen mint Flower? Mint flowers every year, and the flowers, too, are used for many purposes. Let us look at the reasons why your mint plant is flowering? Life cycle Mint is a hardy perennial, which means that it can live for up to two years or more under suitable conditions. When mint … Read more

How to Harvest Mint and Tips for Storing?

Harvest Mint

Mint is one of the most loved herbs across the world. It is used in a variety of recipes and has been used even beyond cooking. While you can just harvest mint straight from your plant and use it directly, you can also harvest mint in bulk and store it so that it stays for … Read more

Are Coffee Grounds Good for growing Mint?

Are Coffee Grounds Good for growing Mint

The use of coffee grounds as a fertilizer for plants has been a controversial topic. While a lot of research suggests that coffee is not good for plants, especially herbs, a lot of gardeners use coffee for their plants. Is coffee ground good for mint? Yes, you can use a moderate amount of coffee grounds … Read more

Why are my mint leaves turning purple?

mint leaves turning purple

Mint leaves are known for their freshness and vibrant green color. That is why it can feel strange to see your mint plant turning purple. Here are the possible causes with solutions for your mint leaves turning purple. Lacking nutrients The main reason why your mint leaves may turn purple is because of the lack … Read more

Why are there White Spots on my Mint Leaves? Causes & Solutions

white spots on mint leaves

A healthy mint is fresh and green to look at. However, you might notice your mint covered with white spots. A lot of factors are responsible for causing white spots on your mint leaves. Let us look at each of them below with the treatment required. Fungal diseases Fungal diseases are one of the most … Read more

Pests that Love Eating Mint Leaves. How to get rid of them?

Pests that Love Eating Mint Leaves

Mint is a well-loved plant because of its scent and flavour. However, it is a vulnerable herb without many natural defences. Along with attracting favourable insects, the mint also attracts a lot of pests that can damage or destroy your Mint. Spider mites There are several types of mites, but the mite associated with causing … Read more

9 Reasons For Aerogarden Mint Not Growing 

aerogarden mint not growing

Growing mint in your garden is a thoughtful idea. But, not everyone has a garden! It’s in circumstances like this that someone might decide to grow mint in an aero garden. Let us understand why the aerogarden mint may not be growing. Reasons for aerogarden mint not growing are Inadequate lighting, lack of water, poor … Read more

How to Harvest Mint Without Killing the Plant?

Harvest Mint Without Killing

Harvesting fresh mint to add to your tea, mojito, or food is a blessing. But, can you harvest your mint without killing? To harvest mint without killing your plant, you must avoid using your fingers to harvest and should definitely harvest small amounts if your mint plant is small or not very established. Mint plants and … Read more

Causes for mint leaves to turn brown? With Solutions

mint leaves to turn brown

The fresh, vibrant green mint is used for a variety of purposes. Let us look at the possible causes for mint leaves to turn brown and the solutions that you can implement. #1) Improper watering and poor drainage Every plant has different watering needs, and it can be a task to keep track of the … Read more