How Many Cloves in a Garlic Head? How to measure garlic?

Is Garlic a vegetable

Knowing how many cloves are in a garlic head is a resourceful skill in the kitchen! To avoid any garlic clove miscalculations, it is easier to memorize how many cloves of garlic are in a garlic head. There are about 10 to 15 cloves of garlic in one head of garlic available in an average local grocery store. This … Read more

6 Easy Ways to peel Garlic | Remove Garlic Wrapping Fast!


Garlic is a common ingredient that finds a well-earned spot in every cuisine like in beloved local American dishes. The unique taste on offer from garlic has no substitute and nothing even comes close! Garlic lovers will agree on this point.  To enjoy the exquisite taste of garlic you will first have to struggle with … Read more

16 Amazing Facts About Garlic that you may not know!

Amazing Facts About Garlic

How well do you really know garlic? The truth is that there are hundreds of unknown but amazing facts about garlic, its effects, uses, and past origins. Garlic is primarily a food item that amplifies the flavor of any dish regardless of what quantity you use. The demanding taste requirements of people around the world … Read more

Soil Requirements of Garlic – Which soil is best for Garlic Growing?

Soil Requirements of Garlic

Garlic is an essential vegetable for everyone who takes an interest in growing vegetables at home. But many gardeners in the USA have questions about the soil requirements of garlic and suitable types of soil for garlic growing.  Garlic requires moist soil that drains well and a steady supply of nutrients. Choosing the right soil … Read more

Curing and Storing Garlic After Harvest – Tips and Tricks

curing and storing of garlic

Once the hard part of caring for growing garlic is over, you will need to plan about curing and storing garlic after the harvest. Curing and storing garlic helps to keep Garlic healthy and safe to consume for a longer duration.  Curing is a process that applies to drying out an edible item, in this … Read more

Stages of Garlic Growth: Watch Your Garlic Grow!

Stages of garlic growth

Garlic growth happens in 6 stages starting with germination and ending with bulb maturation and harvest. Not just garlic, every plant follows certain stages of growth that occur over a period of time. These processes dictate the growth and well-being of the crop. The garlic growth cycle is common to most other vegetables with slight … Read more

When Garlic Is Ready To Harvest? Tips for Beginners

When to plant Garlic

It can be tricky to know when to harvest Garlic. The risk is you cannot plant the garlic back if you harvest it too early. Hence it is the most common question of American home gardeners while growing garlic. In general, when almost half of the leaves have dried out and half of the leaves … Read more

How to Plant Garlic in your garden? – A complete guide


Growing garlic at home is simple but involves some crucial activities. Read this complete guide on how to plant garlic with all the planning involved to harvest a good crop of garlic. Planting garlic at home requires planning and specialized processes to successfully grow the plant. Step by step guide for Planting Garlic in your … Read more

When to Plant Garlic in various parts of the USA?

Garlic is a popular vegetable among many cuisines for its flavor and benefits. While Garlic can be planted in the spring, it is best to plant them in the fall as it would yield bigger bulbs and a better harvest. When to plant garlic? Garlic is a root vegetable that should be planted in the … Read more