Are Eggshells Good for Lemon Trees?

Best Potting Mix for Lemon Tree

Eggshells can be beneficial to some plants and so gardeners would obviously wonder if it can do wonders for their lemon tree.  Eggshells are extremely rich in Calcium. But, that’s not all this material contains! There are also trace amounts of Selenium and Magnesium. These happen to be some minerals that every plant and tree … Read more

Do Lemon Trees Have Thorns?

Lemon Trees Have Thorns

If you are used to having trees and plants that lack thorns, you would be surprised to hear that lemon trees do have thorns. It is actually a typical character of lemon trees.  Almost all lemon trees have thorns on their branches. But, genetically enhanced lemon trees have fewer thorns with some even lacking thorns … Read more

Do Lemon Trees Have Invasive Roots? Stop Invasiveness!

Lemon Trees Grow In Shade

If you are someone who uses a lot of lemons, planting your lemon tree very close to your house could be an advantage. However, is it safe to do so? Generally, lemon tree roots are not known to be invasive. However, when situations call for it, their roots may become invasive.  But, no need to … Read more

Best and Worst Companion Plants for Lemon Tree

Best Potting Mix for Lemon Tree

For people wanting to grow a few lemon trees in their garden, the risks of pests and wastage of space may be a reason to change their minds!   But, there is a way to combat both problems in one go. Companion plants for lemon tree orchards will help your lemon tree by keeping away pests, … Read more

Best Potting Mix for Lemon Tree | Grow Lemons Faster!

Best Potting Mix for Lemon Tree

If you are trying your hand at growing lemon trees, the first thing you need to establish is the best potting mix for lemon tree growing. So, starting off with the right soil will greatly increase your chances of growing a healthy productive lemon tree.  A lemon tree will need soil that is rich in … Read more

Can Lemon Trees Grow In Shade? Explained

Lemon Trees Grow In Shade

Have a rather shade-excessive garden and wonder if the citrus tree grows in shade?  Yes, Lemon trees can grow in shade. Among all citrus trees, they can tolerate more shade than most other members in this group.  Lemon trees will occupy areas in your shady garden while providing you with lemons for the kitchen! Find … Read more

Why Are Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Brown? Solutions

Lemon Tree Leaves Turning Brown

Suppose you decide to start to grow a lemon tree but are confronted with a problem quite early on in the form of brown lemon leaves. You might start looking for solutions as to why are lemon tree leaves turning brown.    Lemon tree leaves turn brown due to high temperatures, frost, underwatering, salt build-up, and … Read more

Why Are Lemon Tree Leaves Sticky? Solving the Mystery!

Lemon Tree Leaves Sticky

In optimal conditions, lemon tree leaves are not sticky!  Some circumstances may make lemon tree leaves sticky like Insect pests feeding on leaf sap and secreting honeydew. This makes the leaves sticky and creates a few problems for the trees.   Normal Texture and Appearance of Lemon Trees  First-time lemon tree growers may not know what … Read more