How Long Does it Take a Lemon Tree to Grow?

Lemon trees are a great addition to the garden without needing space for an orchard. These citrus fruits have so many purposes! But how long does it take a lemon tree to grow?

While there is no strict timeline, they can mature in 3 to 6 years, while they stop growing anywhere between their lifespan (20 and 25 years). 

When Is a Lemon Tree Mature? 

Lemon trees only produce lemons when they are mature enough. “When is a lemon tree mature” is not an uncommon question to ask. 

A lemon tree will be mature enough after 3 years.

However, it does vary. A lemon tree’s time to attain maturity will depend on conditions, care, and even the variant of the lemon tree. Dwarf lemon trees may mature sooner while standard variants will take longer. 

The three-year maturity rate is not fixed. Some standard lemon trees can even take up to six years to mature and start producing fruits. 

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How Long Does it Take a Lemon Tree to Grow?

Lemon trees can grow to a maximum height of 20 to 25 feet. Obtaining this height will happen gradually and not overnight!

Besides, lemon trees can live for decades (20 to 25 years) so they have all this time to reach their full size.  

Some lemon trees will reach their full size before their time is up. Certain other factors can also stop a lemon tree from growing. But correcting them can possibly restore normal growth. 

Lemon trees grow well on their own. Provided you have the right climate and soil at your location.

Besides that, lemon trees will need appropriate and dedicated watering and pruning. Both these factors play a vital role in your lemon tree’s size and output. 

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How Much Does A Lemon Tree Grow a Year?

It’s not crazy to measure your lemon tree’s growth immediately after planting it! You may not notice the growth of a lemon tree day by day but it definitely shows after some time.

It is much easier to try to observe your lemon tree’s growth over a measured course of time. A good time span to use is a year. So how much does a lemon tree grow a year? 

Again, the conditions and how well you care for your lemon tree will influence the number. But, generally, lemon trees grow anywhere between 10 to 25 inches in a year.

However, this does not mean every lemon tree will grow the full 10 to 25 inches per season! When conditions are far from ideal, a lemon tree will grow less or perhaps even not grow at all! 

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How Long Does it Take For a Lemon Tree to Grow From Seed? 

You may notice your lemon tree sprouting in as little as 5 to 7 days! But this does not mean everything will be fast thereafter. Growing lemon trees from seed can be a slow and tedious task. 

Even after your lemon tree grows from seed again, there is no guarantee of lemons afterward.

If your tree does decide to fruit, you could be waiting for a long time, 15 years or more. Plus there is always the risk of them not tasting that great!  

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Reasons Why Your Lemon Tree Isn’t Growing

Not everyone has success with a lemon tree. Some people need a few attempts before they can get the pleasure of harvesting their own lemons!

That’s okay since there are things that could go wrong when growing lemon trees in your backyard. 

Not every lemon tree is the same nor is every garden hospitable. Even the slightest change in condition could negatively affect your lemon tree in a large way.

That’s why it is important to know what a lemon tree wants and provide it.  

Otherwise here’s a list to give you a clearer idea of the reasons why your lemon tree isn’t growing: 

  • Poor soil fertility
  • Lack of drainage
  • Lack of sunlight or too much sunlight
  • Climate and weather

Identifying the problem will be the beginning of solving it. But remember that none of these problems can be fixed immediately.

It will take time to correct these problems. Soil fertility and pH are a few factors that can even take months to correct! 


If you are asking how long does it take a lemon tree to grow and produce lemons, it may take 3 years. At this point, the lemon tree will be mature. But, some lemon trees take up to 6 years to mature and produce fruit.    

A lemon tree may take up to 20 to 25 years to fully grow to its full size of 20+ feet. It will be mature enough to fruit in 3 or 6 years. 

Several conditions in the environment and the tree itself may decide the rate at which it grows. Also, they influence how long a lemon tree needs to grow.    


Can you grow a lemon tree from a seed? 

Yes, you can grow a mature lemon tree from a lemon seed. However, be warned that there is the possibility that the lemon tree will not bear any fruit at all. By a miracle, if the lemon tree does fruit it may happen only 10 to 15 years later. 

How fast do lemon trees grow per year?

Lemon trees grow anywhere between 10 and 25 inches per year. But there may be less growth because of changes in care and environment.