How Long Does Lavender Live? 7 Tips To Help

French Lavender - Best Lavender Plant For Growing Indoors

Lavenders are native to the Mediterranean and parts of Europe that have hot temperatures, sunny days, and minimal rainfall. In the ideal conditions, English lavender can live for 10 to 15 years and French lavender can live for a maximum of 5 years.  But these age estimates are greatly reduced when lavender plants are left … Read more

How Much Space Do Lavenders Need to Grow?

Lavender Grow In Shade

If you like lavender and want to see more of it in your garden, you will need to plant more. However, planting them continuously in a heap will not reap any rewards, they will be too close together. That’s why you should ask how much space lavenders need to grow.  The truth is lavenders need … Read more

4 Best Lavender Plants For Growing Indoors

Transplant Lavender

Lavender is appealing in every way. Scenic to the eyes, serene to the nose. Some of the best lavender plants to grow indoors are French lavender, English lavender, Fernleaf lavender, and Canary Island lavender. Let us explain what makes these lavenders best for growing indoors.  Which Lavender Is Best For Growing Indoors? When you first … Read more

Best Soil Mix for Potted Lavender

Transplant Lavender

Trying to grow lavender in pots? If so, you will have to try your best to mimic the same soil as its native dwelling, the Mediterranean.  The best soil mix for potted lavender usually contains 30%-50% sand/gravel and 70%-50% regular soil. Its pH should be neutral or alkaline (pH 6.5-8). The mix should not absorb … Read more

Why Is My Lavender Dying? (With Solutions)

Lavender dying

You have been benefiting from violet lavender flowers making the garden look and smell appealing, but suddenly things change. Your plant is dying and you desperately want to save it. Your first thought is, “why is my lavender dying”? Lavender plants could be dying for several reasons such as: Root rot Overwatering Incorrect soil Over … Read more

How to Transplant Lavender Successfully?

Transplant Lavender

You may find out that your lavender is not in the right place as it is lacking sunlight or you want to show off the flowers when the lavender blooms. So how should you transplant your lavender? For successful transplanting of Lavender, you must have the right sunny location, soil (pH, nutrient levels, drainage), extraction … Read more

Can I Grow Lavender With Roses? Tips To Know

Growing Lavender With Roses

Have a lot of lavender plants growing in your garden and need another plant to accompany them? Look no further than roses as they make excellent companions for lavender. Apart from the beautiful appearance of their flowers together, their growing conditions are in-sync.    Growing lavender with roses is the perfect combination since they both like: … Read more

8 Common Reasons Why Your Lavender Isn’t Flowering?

Lavender Isn’t Flowering

Everyone who plants lavender expects it to flower and make their garden smell and look amazing! But, you might find your lavender isn’t flowering. Reasons for lavender not flowering include insufficient sunlight, too fertile or acidic soil, excessive watering, too much pruning, using fertilizer, etc.  Other points to consider about why your lavender plants aren’t … Read more

6 Reasons Why Lavender Turns Brown | How to fix?

Lavender turning brown

Notice your green lavender plants gradually changing color to yellow or even brown? You must be quite alarmed and wondering what could cause this drastic change!  Lavender turns brown due to root rot; a condition brought about by water stagnating the roots. Overwatering could occur in the form of poorly draining soil, high rainfall, high … Read more

7 Causes of Lavender Turning Yellow? (With Solutions)

Why Is My Lavender Turning Yellow

Ever seen a lavender plant that was turning yellow? But why does it happen? Lavender turns yellow due to overwatering, lack of sunlight, incorrect soil, and when nutrient (nitrogen) levels are excessive.  Other reasons for this condition are poor pot selection, diseases/infections, and stress. Saving your lavender will depend on finding the real cause and … Read more