How To Revive Dying Lavender? | Lavender Ailments

How To Revive Dying Lavender

Ideally, a lavender plant can live for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 15 years! Creating an environment similar to their natural habitat is key to keeping your lavender alive. But when you don’t keep the conditions right, you need to know how to revive dying lavender. Reasons, why lavender may need … Read more

Can Lavender Grow In Shade?

Lavender Grow In Shade

Full sunlight is one requirement a lavender plant must have to grow well and produce fragrant and plentiful flowers. But, can lavender grow in the shade? English lavender can tolerate some shade or semi-shady conditions. But such conditions will not yield good flowering and fragrance results. Other lavenders do not grow in the shade that … Read more

Can Lavender Survive Winter?

Lavender survive winter

Throughout summer and spring lavender blooms and grows to make an appealing sight and smell in the garden. But before you know it, winter is around the corner. Can lavender survive winter? Only English lavender can survive the winter outdoors. French and hybrid lavenders should be brought indoors in pots for them to survive.  Factors … Read more

Do Lavender Plants Smell? What Affects Their Smell?

Do Lavender Plants Smell

When lavender plants are at their prime with a healthy bunch of flowers, the scent is strong and does not need an introduction.  Yes, lavender plants smell and have a distinct one that cannot be mimicked by any other scent. You just have to smell lavender once to memorize the scent forever! But, only healthy … Read more

13 Good Lavender Companion Plants and 4 Plants to Avoid!

Lavender companion plants

In summer or spring, you might look into your garden and see a carpet of violet lavender flowers. It is at that moment that you may decide that you need a break in your unicolored garden. The best way to add color to your garden is to seek lavender companion plants.  Good companion plants that … Read more

Why Is My Lavender Wilting? Causes and Solutions

Why Is My Lavender Wilting

Lavender makes for an appealing garden plant. It does well in sunny hot climates with little water requirement. When cared for properly it can live for years and provides an appealing, scenic, and aromatic experience!  Wilting in lavender is the first and most obvious sign of stress! Lavender wilts when the conditions are not suitable … Read more

English vs French Lavender | Which one should you prefer?

English vs French Lavender

Who wouldn’t mind having a garden of fresh lavender that not only looks like a sea of violet but smells refreshing as well?  Here is a summary of the differences between English Vs French Lavender English Lavender French Lavender Cold Hardiness English Lavender is hardier and can survive harsh winters up to zone 5. French … Read more

How Often Should You Water Lavender Plant?

Lavender Plant

For inexperienced gardeners, a common mistake when growing lavender is overwatering.  In most cases, outdoor lavender requires water every 2 weeks. But, indoor lavender plants in pots need water every 10 to 14 days, depending on the conditions. Newly planted lavender needs more water for the first 3 weeks to avoid transplant shock.  However unlike … Read more

Why Is My Lavender Turning Gray?

Lavender Turning Gray

Wondering why your Lavender is Turning Gray? Growing lavender should be fairly straightforward, right? A hot climate with minimal watering is the basic requirement of lavender plants. But, unfortunately, lavender can be plagued by several problems. Lavender can turn gray due to Fungal infection, Poor aeration, Wet soil, Damage due to frost, Overwatering, or choosing … Read more

When and How Long Does Lavender Bloom?

When and How Long Does Lavender Bloom

Want to add more colors and aroma to your garden? A plant capable of doing this is lavender. Besides its appealing violet flowers and green foliage, lavender is a herb that has therapeutic, industrial, and cooking uses.  So are you interested in lavender just for its flowers? Then, you might be wondering when and how … Read more