Types of Edible Ginger – Use and complete details

Flower Ginger

Ginger is not just a plant but a family of plants known as the Zingiberaceae family (ginger family) and contains both edible and ornamental ginger plants. Some ginger plants produce more than one edible portion. So not just rhizomes (roots), stems, leaves, and flowers can also be edible.  Common ginger is just one of the … Read more

How Much Ginger Should I Take Daily? What are Benefits & Side Effects?


Consuming ginger daily is a good idea since ginger has so many benefits but you should exercise caution as too much ginger can be harmful.  Do not exceed 4 grams of ginger a day. And, women should avoid ginger during pregnancy and lactation. Beyond 4 grams you are likely to feel unwanted side effects. In fact, … Read more

Why is Ginger Spicy? What are Gingerols? (Explained)

Is ginger spicy

Many times we wonder why Ginger is so spicy? Ginger tastes spicy due to the presence of the substance Gingerol. It activates spice receptors embedded in the tongue. It is closely related to Capsaicin (Chili peppers) and Piperine (Black pepper). All types of ginger applications like Ginger tea, ginger spice, or fresh minced ginger have … Read more

How to Mince Ginger? And Store it For Later Use

mince ginger

Minced Ginger is quite popular in multiple cuisines and dishes as it enhances the flavor. You can mince ginger by using a grater, food processor, or a Mortar and Pestle based on your use and convenience. Minced ginger refers to ginger that is very finely chopped with a food processor or by hand. Consider it … Read more

Is Ginger Ale Good For You? Benefits and Side Effects

Is Ginger Ale Good For You

Ginger ale is a common beverage easy to find in the grocery store along with the other “fizzy drinks”. So a common question that comes to mind is whether ginger ale is good for you? Or can it do more harm than good? Ginger Ale can be consumed in small doses providing some positive effects … Read more

Get a Substitute For Fresh Ginger, You Won’t Regret it!

Substitute For Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger is one of the most used ingredients in almost anyone’s kitchen but it lasts only a week. So at times, when fresh ginger is not available, you may need a substitute.   Substitute for fresh ginger may include powdered ginger, ginger paste or frozen ginger, etc. which can be stored for longer periods. … Read more

Complete Guide to Storing Peeled and Unpeeled Ginger

stored ginger

It goes without saying that ginger, like any other vegetable, has a limited lifespan after which it begins to deteriorate. So if you just harvested a fresh batch of ginger then read on how to store it to last longer. There are some effective storing methods like refrigeration, freezing, etc that can help peeled or … Read more

How to Tell if Ginger is Bad? How Long Does Ginger Last?

When ginger is bad

Ginger is undeniably a valuable spice to always have in your house. It elevates the taste of food and acts as a natural remedy for multiple health issues. How can you quickly identify if Ginger has become bad? The most notable sign of Ginger becoming bad is in the appearance. It turns darker adopting a … Read more

How to Peel Ginger? Methods of Preparing Peeled Ginger

How to peel ginger

We all know Ginger as it features as an ingredient in a range of cuisines apart from providing several health benefits. But how do you peel ginger for getting clean rhizome flesh? Ginger can be peeled by spoon, using a knife, or chopping. Let us look in detail at these ways and what you can … Read more

Best Soil to Grow Ginger and the Suitable Climate (Explained)

planting ginger

Ginger is a strong tasty rhizome that has become a staple in many households across the USA, regardless of your cuisine and background. It enhances the flavor of any dish, tenderizes meats, and even offers a host of health benefits.  But you can’t just go ahead and start planting ginger in your garden immediately. You … Read more