Best Container For Growing Ginger | Best 5 Ginger Pots

Looking for a container to grow ginger? You might want to buy the best container for growing ginger if you want to bring it indoors, restrict its spread, or if you just want to make them look pretty. 

Here are 5 of the best container for growing ginger plants, indoors or outdoors.

  1. MyGift 14-InchCeramic Indoor Plant Pot
  2. Florelf Visible Grow Bags 
  3. LINERY 50 Gallon Planting Grow Bag 
  4. Classic Home and Garden Corinthian Bowl 
  5. HBServices USA Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Reservoir Planter 

Continue reading to know why they are the best selection of ginger pots.

Tips For Choosing the Best Container For Growing Ginger

Because ginger plants are not hydrophilic plants, there is no need for the pot to hold too much water in order to retain moisture. Therefore, a very large and deep pot is not necessary. As for the spreading tendency, ginger spreads horizontally.

Here are a few other facts to take note of:

a. Depth

These ginger plants don’t have an excessive amount of roots and therefore won’t need as much depth as other plants. Rhizomes do a better job of anchoring the ginger plants rather than the long roots that other plants have. 

b. Width

Ginger forms rhizomes from which it spreads, horizontally. Because of this tendency, these plants need to have a very wide container. Also, the rhizome is used in propagation and thus it will spread and develop whole new plants regularly.

c. Container Material

Ginger does like water but excess water will prove problematic and even fatal to the ginger rhizomes. Be sure to choose a container that does not hold too much water. But it shouldn’t dry out too quickly either! You have to find a balance between the two. 

d. Drainage Holes

Ginger rhizomes and roots will rot if left in wet soil for too long. As a result, drainage holes are vital in a ginger container. Without them, you are unlikely to be harvesting any ginger plant rhizomes!  

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5 Best Container for Growing Ginger 

Not sure which ginger pot to buy? We have narrowed down the best options to these 5 ginger containers you have to try! 

1. MyGift 14-Inch Ceramic Indoor Plant Pot

I highly recommend this MyGift plant pot for your ginger plant if you want an indoor pot that will fit in with the modern decor of your home. It’s so ergonomically designed and won’t take up much space at all. 

Best Container For Growing Ginger

It’s not too deep (4.7 inches) and is actually wider (5.5)inches than it is deep. I found this to be perfect for my ginger plants as I didn’t have to struggle much to harvest them. 

The pot also comes with pre-made drainage holes at the bottom and a watering tray to avoid a mess after watering. However, like me, you will have to empty the tray whenever watering to avoid making the soil wet, something ginger plants hate! 

You can find the pot in a variety of colors to match any theme you are following in the garden or in the house. This pot will be great for anyone living in an apartment who has limited space. 

This is definitely a stylish ginger planter that can be used as a decorative feature in the most-seen parts of your house. 

It comes with a stand to keep it off the ground but will need holes to be made. Either that or you can limit watering amounts but increase frequency. That said, you could use it for other plants that like more water. 

The affordable price makes it more than appealing. Especially considering it is a two-piece pot that can even be used without the stand in the garden.

Florelf Visible Grow Bags 

Imagine being able to keep an eye on your ginger while it grew. Well, it’s possible with these visible grow bags! These are not actually containers but bags made from thick non-woven fabric. Plus they come with a plastic portion.

Florelf Visible Grow Bags ginger

I was easily able to take a peek at the rhizomes while they grow which is why you should try them out at least once! 

I chose these Floref visible grow bags because not only are they great for ginger, you can use them for other tubers. Examples are sweet potatoes, potatoes, and even carrots. There is even a harvesting window that came in handy whenever I quickly needed some ginger. 

The bag is extremely portable and I was easily able to move it around to wherever I wanted it to be, indoors or outdoors. This was largely possible due to the reinforced material handles placed on either side of the bag. 

There may be a lot of growing bags on the market right now but this one is different. Drainage holes are present at the bottom of the bag so you don’t have to worry about set soil.

Also, unlike other bags, this one allows for optimal air ventilating, letting roots grow naturally instead of winding around in the bag’s shape. 

If you are growing root vegetables and tubers, I speak from experience in telling you the Floref Visible Grow bag is a strong contender! 

LINERY 50 Gallon Planting Grow Bag 

Next on my suggestion list is the Linery 50 Gallon planting bag. You might be wondering why I am suggesting a 50-gallon bag. 

NOTE- You can find it in any gallon size you are looking for. 

You can easily plant a lot of ginger in this bag. So, if you are not so great with growing ginger, you can easily add a few types of ginger to assure a harvest! If you are short on space or want to maximize space usage like me, grow a few vegetables or herbs with your ginger plants. 

I found this very helpful because every time I harvest ginger, I harvest other herbs that I commonly use at the same time. 

This thickened fabric bag was perfect for me seeing as it is easy to move with the handles and allowed ginger and vegetables/herbs to breathe even beneath the surface!

Another perk is when the growing season is over, empty the bag, wash it and store it for later or choose to grow another plant in it. 

Classic Home and Garden Corinthian Bowl 

Looking for a pot that will suit your ginger plants and look like a piece of art? I have just the pot. The Classic Home and Garden Corinthian Bowl make for a pleasing sight for sore eyes. Like me, you won’t feel guilty and as if you are buying it just because of the appearance. 

My research shows this bowl has all the characteristics that a ginger plant needs to thrive and produce the best rhizomes. The bowl is shallow but wide enough to host multiple plants at the same time. 

Additionally, there is a removable plug at the bottom of the bowl to ensure your rhizomes don’t end up rotting. You can easily reuse the pot for other plants that need lots of water by plugging the hole back up again. 

The pot is UV treated to make it ideal for indoor placement or even the outdoors. If you are looking for pots featuring the same theme, the Classic Home and Garden has so many options to choose from, many of which suit ginger plants and similar rooted plants. 

HBServices USA Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Reservoir Planter 

You will get more than enough color and size options in these pots if you want to buy a few of them. 

But that’s not what caught my eye about this particular planter. The fact that it is self-watering and aerating is a big plus.

No need for a water tray either as water is collected in a separate compartment at the bottom. I found the built-in nozzle very useful in pouring out the excess water.

The planter comes with legs attached meaning it can be placed anywhere without worrying about an unappealing pot or a mess! This Pot is great if you live in a hot area where your ginger will easily dry out with the sun and temperature exposures. 


We recommend MyGift 14-Inch Ceramic Indoor Plant Pot as the best container for growing Ginger.

Buying a pot to grow ginger isn’t that hard if you know what you are looking for. In this case, you will have to focus on the requirements of ginger plants:

  • Medium-sized pots
  • Not too deep
  • Several drainage holes
  • Made from durable material
  • Has good aeration
  • Fits into your budget 

Apart from this, be sure to give your ginger plant the right soil (well-draining fertile soil). Also, place the pot where the ginger is sheltered from draughts of air but gets a lot of sunlight. 

Read this for more information about Best Soil to Grow Ginger and the Suitable Climate (Explained)


How big of a container do you need to grow ginger?

The ideal pot to grow ginger plants should be wider than they are deep. They can be as wide as you think your ginger will grow but need to be a minimum of 8 to 12 inches deep. This is because ginger plants commonly spread horizontally instead of in-depth. 

Does Ginger Grow Well in Pots?

Yes, ginger can do well in pots, especially if the climate outdoors is not to the liking of your ginger plants. The best part about growing ginger in pots is that you can harvest them all year round! Just make sure to choose the best pot and soil as well as provide optimal care.