Good and Bad Mint companion plants

Mint companion plants

Mint is an extremely versatile plant, with culinary as well as medical uses. It is used all over the world and is a great addition to your house. However, mint does not have a very good reputation among gardeners. Known to be a super spreader, mint grows very quickly, invading the garden space and choking … Read more

Can dogs eat mint leaves?

Can dogs eat mint leaves

There are a lot of precautions you have to take while looking after a dog’s diet. You need to be very careful about what your dog can or cannot eat. One common question that arises is, “Can dogs eat mint?” Yes. Your dog can eat mint. Taken in moderate quantities, mint can even be beneficial … Read more

How to Fix Black Spots on Mint Leaves?

Black spots on Mint Leaves

The fresh mint plant needs some more care than just being watered. So, when you see black spots on the mint leaves, it could be a reason to worry. Causes of Black Spots on Mint Leaves include Overwatering, Humidity, and heat, Mint rust, Over-fertilization, Leaf blight, Mint aphid, etc 7 Causes for Black Spots on … Read more

Why is my mint dying?

Why is your mint plant dying

Mint is a fragrant herb used all over the world for both culinary as well as medicinal purposes. However, if you have tried growing it inside the house, you might have found it difficult. Here are a few reasons why your mint plant is dying. Over-watering Over-watering is one of the most common causes of … Read more