How to Peel Ginger? Methods of Preparing Peeled Ginger

We all know Ginger as it features as an ingredient in a range of cuisines apart from providing several health benefits. But how do you peel ginger for getting clean rhizome flesh?

Ginger can be peeled by spoon, using a knife, or chopping.

Let us look in detail at these ways and what you can do nest after peeling the ginger.

3 easy ways to efficiently peel ginger

1) Peel Ginger by Spoon

Using a spoon to peel ginger is an effective method that works, without the risk of getting hurt or wasting any precious ginger. The sides of a spoon are not very sharp, however, when you apply enough force, the peel sheds.

This is considered the easiest way to peel ginger.

Let us look at the steps below to follow this method.

Step 1: Select a Ginger Piece

Start off by choosing a rhizome or, even just an individual lobe. Try to pick a piece that does not have too many bends.

Step 2: Wash it with Water

Rinsing it with will soften the ginger so it would be easier to peel off.

It also helps in cleaning the ginger of any dirt or fertilizer (If it ain’t Organic). If you are not sure of the source, you must wash it thoroughly to remove any unwanted stuff.

Step 3: Scrape the Ginger Peel Off

Using your selected spoon, place it against the peel and apply pressure and move the spoon downwards (or up and down) against the ginger. You will immediately notice the brown ginger peels rolling off. 

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2) Peel Ginger Using Knife

Peeling ginger using a knife is similar to using a spoon. It is in fact much easier when using a serrated knife making it faster as the Knife is more effective against tough dry ginger peels that have hardened. Avoid caution while using a knife as it may cut your hand as well.

Step 1: Any Ginger Will do

When peeling ginger with a knife, you do not have to be so selective about pieces. Knives are better at getting into difficult-to-reach areas.

Step 2: Cleaning the ginger

Though softening of ginger is not required using knives as peeling would become much easier. But we would recommend washing it thoroughly in water so that you remove any unwanted materials over it.

Step 3: Apply Pressure Downwards With a Knife

Place the sharp end of the blade right against the tough peel and push down on the root. If you are using a serrated knife, the peels will come off easier and at a faster pace. 

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3) Chopping Ginger Peels Off

An option for people with lots of ginger rhizomes is to just chop off the skin as peeling this spice consumes more time.

Here are the steps that you can follow to chop off the ginger.

Step 1: Take Large Ginger Rhizomes

As the peel with some ginger would be chopped off, make sure to take the largest ginger rhizomes. There is also no need to soak or clean them as whole skin would be removed.

Step 2: Make Ginger Rectangular

Remove all lobes and growth points to make the ginger piece rectangular from its current awkward shape. Next, lay the ginger rhizome flat on a wooden or plastic board. 

Step 3: Chop Off the Ginger Peels

Using a sharp knife, make deep long slices to remove the brown outer covering of the rhizome.

While chopping, try to get as much ginger peeled off with one cut as possible. Continue, one side at a time till all the peel is removed.

Once you have finished all sides, you should be left with clean ginger that is rectangular shaped (or almost rectangular). 

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Peeling Young Ginger

Have you ever tried peeling young ginger? If you have, you will probably know that is not such a burden as immature ginger lacks that hard brown peel of mature ginger. 

Young ginger peel is soft, pale-colored, easy to remove, and can even be used with the peel on!

Simply soaking it and applying force with your hands is enough to dislodge the peel completely.

The great news is, you can eat the peel as well of young ginger just like normal ginger, but wash it thoroughly!

If you are growing ginger indoors in pots and can’t wait to taste your ginger, you can harvest some young ginger as early as 4 months into growth but do note that young ginger is not as strong and flavorful as its mature counterpart.  

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Ways to Prepare Ginger

Ways to prepare ginger

How to use peeled ginger in cooking? There are many ways to utilize the clean ginger rhizome and transform it into a usable resource.

Ginger is never used whole! Instead, you will want to break it down into smaller pieces from which the flavor can be easily extracted.

Here are 4 of the most common forms ginger takes once the ginger peel is completely removed. 

1) Chopping

Chopping ginger into cubes is not the most common form of peeled ginger. It is still a viable option for storage. Make ginger slices of equal thickness. Then, make horizontal and vertical knife strokes.

The result is small blocks of ginger that are more or less equal in size.

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2) Grating

You can employ the help of a small handheld grater to grate your clean ginger rhizomes.

Why would you want to grate ginger? For so many reasons!

  • Cooks better
  • Is less potent
  • Looks more attractive 

You can easily store a clean piece of ginger in plastic in the refrigerator to grate later. Storing grated ginger might not be the best idea as it will easily dry out and become “stringy”.

3) Julienne

‘Julienne’ is a French cut that involves thin long pieces of ginger.

Peel ginger and cut it finely to add as a garnish for your food. Because it is so thin, it cooks fast and gives just a hint of ginger flavor without being overpowering.

4) Slicing

Slice your ginger by chopping the ginger rhizome into thin circular discs. Ginger slices can be used to enhance flavor or even to decorate your plate of food! 

Store thin ginger slices in a refrigerator in an air-tight container but, wrap them in a paper towel to combat moisture formed through condensation. 

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What is the easiest way to clean ginger?

The easiest way to clean ginger depends on what method works for you. If by any chance, you are in a rush and are not worried about ginger wastage, chopping off the peels with a knife is the best course of action. If you want to save ginger, using a spoon would be a safe and easy approach.

Can you eat Ginger Peel or Skin?

It is perfectly safe to eat clean ginger. In fact, most of the dishes, it is consumed with peel.

How Long Does Peeled Ginger Last?

Raw peeled ginger can only last 1 week, even when kept in the refrigerator. Fortunately, this number rises when you choose to use the freezer instead. Peeled ginger can last up to 2 to 3 months when stored in a freezer. 

Do I have to wash ginger?

Yes, we would recommend washing the ginger before consuming it. Ginger harvested from your garden probably has dirt on them, wash them and scrub them to remove dirt (especially between crevices).
Ginger from the grocery stores may or may not be organic. Though it may look clean from dirt, it is best to wash it to remove any presence of fertilizers or pesticides.