Are your Dahlia Leaves Turning Brown?

Dahlia leaves are bliss to your eyes and add serenity to the entire environment.

While Dahlia is available in different colors and sizes to enhance your decor, the leaves of Dahlia are equally enticing. The vibrant green adds an alluring charm and brings joy to your heart, as the color green is the ultimate gift to your eyes. 

However, noticing a change in the shade of your Dahlia leaves is a concern you need to solve as you spot it. The vibrant green leaves turning brown can affect plant life and the tranquil atmosphere of the garden. 

Reasons for Dahlia leaves turning brown include Overwatering, Underwateirng, Inadequate Sunlight, Fungal diseases, pests, poor soil, etc.

Let us look at each of the reasons below in detail and ways to fix the underlying issue.

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No doubt, water is crucial to keep your plants healthy. But do you realize a little extra can damage things? And the same applies to Dahlia’s leaves.

If you don’t realize the right amount of water the plant asks for, you may end up damaging it.

During winters and autumns, you don’t have to water Dahlia as they dry out completely, and it’s natural. Watering during this season can harm their roots and damage them.

Spring is the best season for Dahlia. It does not mean it won’t face any trouble in this particular season of joy. If it gets more water than needed, the leaves will turn yellowish and brown.

How to take care?

  • In the spring season, treat Dahlia plants with water once in 7 days. 
  • Let the soil be damp.
  • It does not need water during downpours.
  • During summers, water them on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays ( You can choose any days of your choice, but you may have ample time during the weekend).

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We all know what dehydration can do to our bodies. Even plants go through a similar process known as transpiration. It can affect their blooming process and even make the plant die due to lack of water. 

You don’t want to see your lovely plant die. Isn’t it? So, you need to understand its signs and know when it needs to be watered. 

While watering, if the water does not reach its roots, the leaves will turn dull and brown. Make sure the roots get enough water.

How to take care?

  • During summers, water the plant 1-2 times a week.
  • If there is heavy rainfall, you may avoid watering by just checking the soil if it is dry.

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Inadequate exposure to sunlight

We all need sunlight for good health, and Dahlia plants are no exception.

If the plant does not acquire the required amount of sunlight, the leaves will turn yellow and then turn brown. It is one of the main reasons for potted Dahlia leaves turning brown.

Moreover, direct sunlight can also harm the leaves. It is another reason for the leaves turning brown. If you have scorching heat in your state, brown Dahlia leaves are a common problem. 

So, no doubt sunlight is essential for the growth of Dahlia plants, but excessive heat and direct sunlight can harm the plant. 

How to take care?

  • Place the plant in a partially shaded area.
  •  Your plant should not get direct sunlight for more than 6-8 hours.

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Fungal Problems

Fungal problems may look minor but can have a negative impact that can result in the death of the plant.

The white powdery yellowish spot on the leaves can be a fungal infection. It causes leaves to turn brown and later fall off. So, you need to attack this fungal infection for the healthy life of your plant.

There are different names for fungal infections, such as Wilt, Powdery mildew, etc. But the ultimate result is Dahlia leaves turning brown, and they fall off. 

How to take care?

  • Pluck off the infected part of the plant as it can spread the infection to other leaves
  • First, you can try to ward them off with Neem oil.
  • If it doesn’t work, you can use a suitable fungicide. We would recommend – Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide


There are multiple insects that can attack Dahlia like Potato Leafhoppers, Thrips, Armored Scale, etc.

They settle on the leaves and suck the nutrients resulting in the leaves turning yellow and then turning brown.

However, there are solutions to treat these naughty irritating pest insects. Some of these insects give a permanent mark on the leaves. So, trimming such leaves is the best thing you can do. 

How to take care?

  • Dilute neem oil and water and then spray on the plants in the nighttime
  • Keep a check on the new growth, and sprinkle the mixture if needed.

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Poor Soil

Soil is the base of the plant, and it is responsible for essential nutrients to grow and bloom. And if soil quality is poor, it will obviously affect the growth of plants.

The soil has a PH level, and if the level is very high or very low, it can harm the plant. Then, what is the proper ratio? Well, the PH level should be 6.5 (Slightly acidic). 

Poor quality soil can turn leaves brown and yellowish. So, it is best to choose the right quality soil for Dahlia plants.

You can get a soil testing kit to check the PH level. It is not that expensive and is the best way to keep checking the PH level and give the best life to plants. 

How to take care?

  • You can add organic materials like banana skin, fruits, and vegetable peel to increase the PH level.
  • The ideal PH level is around 6.5.
  • Lime can help decrease the PH level.
  • Change the soil at regular intervals and check the PH level. 

Fading Flowers

Your love for flowers is undeniable. However, if you find Dahlia flowers fading, you should pluck them immediately.

Yes, your cruelty can be a blessing to Dahlia leaves. Moreover, plucking off the fading flowers will help bloom the new flowers. 

In fading flowers, there are chances of insect growth that can harm the plant and develop brown spots on Dahlia leaves. So, don’t wait for flowers to fall off.

How to take care?

  • Regularly checking for fading flowers and insects.
  • Timely examine the leaves to avoid surprises.

Bottom Line

The brown leaf is a common problem in the Dahlia plant. However, if you keep a keen eye on the plant as you love keeping it on your phone screen, you can wave off problems and put an end to Dahlia leaves turning brown


Is it safe to spray neem oil on Dahlia leaves?

Yes, neem oil is safe for Dahlia leaves. Just mix it with an equal amount of water and then spray on leaves. Neem oil has antibacterial properties and helps to get rid of fungal diseases. Moreover, neem oil is natural pest control for your plant.

What is the right time to spray neem oil on Dahlia leaves?

The best time to spray neem oil on Dahlia leaves is after sunset. Never sprinkle neem oil before sunset because the neem oil can burn Dahlia leaves due to sunlight. 

What is the solution to overwatering?

If you have an overwatered plant, place the plant in a low humidity area, ensure drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, and use a hairdryer to dry the soil. 

Is it safe to cut the brown tips of Dahlia leaves?

Yes, it is safe to cut the brown tips. It can, in fact, help in the better growth of leaves and flowers.