Thyme Leaves Turning Purple | Causes & Fixes

Thyme leaves turning purple from green can prompts a garden enthusiasts worst thoughts! But, it doesn’t have to be so as there is a simple reason for it, one that can be fixed quite easily.  Thyme leaves turning purple is a sign of phosphorous deficiency. Solve this by providing your thyme plant with more phosphorous … Read more

Best Fertilizers For Thyme Including Organic Ones

Fertilizer is a substance that every plant needs, if not to boost flowering and fruit production then at least to maintain healthy growth. Thyme is not excessively greedy when it comes to fertilizer but it will benefit from the occasional nutrient offering. The best fertilizers for thyme are bone meal, manure, vermicompost, fish emulsion, chicken … Read more

Thyme Companion Plants | Best & Worst!

Thyme Companion Plants

If you grow many herbs in your garden, thyme is probably among them. Did you know there are many benefits that can be shared between thyme and other plants? There are several thyme companion plants that benefit from being grown with thyme.  Good thyme companion plants include Potatoes, Eggplants, Shallots, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Oregano, … Read more

How To Grow A Basil Bonsai | Care & Growing Guide

Grow A Basil Bonsai

Basil is an interesting herb but even more interesting to grow as a bonsai plant. So, is it even possible to grow basil as a bonsai? Yes, it is possible to grow basil as a bonsai. You just need to know how to grow a basil bonsai using the conditions a basil plant likes.  Here … Read more

How To Prevent Cucumber Leaves From Turning Yellow?

Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow

Having cucumber plants in the garden is a great help in the kitchen. They are not that high-maintenance and just require a few conditions which they probably share in common with your other garden plants. Here’s how to prevent cucumber leaves from turning yellow: Adequate sunlight for 6-8 hours daily Porous soil with 1 to … Read more

Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow | 8 Reasons & Fixes

Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow

Peach tree leaves turning yellow is a sign of the tree’s poor health. Leaves need to be green to carry out photosynthesis. Reasons for peach tree leaf yellowing are Water issues, fertilizers, Insufficient Iron, Competition for space/nutrients, Diseases, Pests, and Peachtree sources.  Read on to find out more about the reasons for yellow peach tree … Read more

15 Substitutes For Perlite That You Can Choose

Substitutes For Perlite

In a rush and can’t do the research yourself? Let me give you the information quickly. Good Substitutes For Perlite are pumice, horticultural grit, poultry grit, sand, coarse vermiculite, gravel, clay pebbles, crushed shell, cactus mix with pea gravel, calcined clay, coco coir, wood chips, and rice husks. What is Perlite? It is neither a … Read more

How Do I Save My Ginger Plant?

Ginger Leaves Turning Brown

While starting to grow your ginger might be smooth-sailing in the beginning, you may encounter problems later on. These problems may become so dire that you need help to save your ginger plant.  Ginger plants may need saving when their leaves become brown, yellow, or white, curling, or if they become sun-scorched. The best advice … Read more

Why Are My Ginger Leaves Turning Yellow? Signs and Solutions

Are ginger leaves edible

Want a healthy ginger plant but only find yellow leaves? There are many reasons why your ginger may be turning yellow. Reasons for ginger leaves turning yellow include Underwatering/Overwatering, Bacterial/Green Wilt, Fusarium Yellow, Dry Rot, Rhizome Rot, White Grubs, and Shoot Borer.  7 Reasons For Ginger Leaves Turning Brown + Solutions Reasons for ginger leaves … Read more

8 Good Companion Plants for Alyssum and 3 Plants to Avoid

Water Alyssum

Companion planting has been practiced for decades. Not just in the garden but in farm fields as well. It has many benefits to your garden and to the plants growing within it. But, what are the best Companion Plants For Alyssum? The best companion plants for alyssum are lettuce, tomato, roses, potatoes, carrots, peas, peppers, and … Read more