Can Thyme Survive Winter? Tips to Protect Thyme

Thyme Survive Winter

Thyme is an interesting herb to grow in your garden. It has so many applications in the kitchen and elsewhere. Although this herb is rather hardy, you may have your doubts as to whether thyme can survive winter or not.  Yes, thyme can survive winter. It is a cold-tolerant herb that is quite capable of … Read more

How Much Thyme in a Sprig?

Thyme in a Sprig

Everyone loves the addition of herbs in a range of food dishes, some of which will seem incomplete without the thyme! So, when a thyme sprig comes up, you will want to know how much it is so that you do not end up running your dish.  A sprig of thyme does not have a … Read more

Can You Freeze Thyme?

Thyme Companion Plants

Have so many thyme recipes but limited access to fresh thyme? Don’t worry as many people suffer from the same predicament! So, can you freeze thyme, how to do it, and how long does it last?  Yes, you can freeze thyme, and doing it the right way can ensure that it will last for anywhere … Read more

Is Thyme Safe For cats? Can Cats Eat Thyme?

Cats can eat Thyme

If you are an avid grower and eater of thyme, you’ll naturally want to know if your furry feline can join in with you. But first, you have to inquire “is thyme safe for cats?” Yes, thyme is safe for cats but only if it is served to them in moderation! It should not constitute … Read more

When and Where to Plant Thyme?


Thyme is among the most useful herbs to have in the backyard. Or, you can even grow them indoors if you make the environment suitable for them. But, even if you smooth out these details you might end up planting your thyme at the wrong time.  If you are wondering when to plant thyme, you … Read more

Are Thyme Flowers Edible? Appearance & Taste

thyme flowers edible

Herbs are known for their fresh green edible stems and leaves and we rarely note that they are also flowering plants! So, when your thyme plant flowers, you’ll want to know “are thyme flowers edible?” Yes, thyme flowers are edible! They make for quite a unique flavor to any dish they are added to. You … Read more

Thyme Companion Plants | Best & Worst!

Thyme Companion Plants

If you grow many herbs in your garden, thyme is probably among them. Did you know there are many benefits that can be shared between thyme and other plants? There are several thyme companion plants that benefit from being grown with thyme.  Good thyme companion plants include Potatoes, Eggplants, Shallots, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Strawberries, Oregano, … Read more

Do Rabbits Eat Thyme ? | Perks & Risks

rabbits eat thyme

Do you have thyme in your garden and also happen to pet rabbits or even wild rabbits that frequently visit your garden? If you do, you will understandably want to know if it is even safe for them and do rabbits eat thyme at all. Yes, rabbits eat thyme. It is also safe for wild … Read more