Do Hydrangeas Attract Bees?

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Hydrangea flowers are very beautiful and brighten up any garden. Further, they are easy to maintain as well. However, people often wonder if hydrangeas attract bees and other pollinators. Some Hydrangeas attract bees like Hydrangea anomala whereas a few hydrangea varieties like Hydrangea macrophylla hortensis or French hydrangea do not. Hydrangeas have very large blooms … Read more

Are Eggshells Good for Hydrangeas?

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Many gardeners use eggshells in their garden, as eggshells are considered to be beneficial for many plants. But, are eggshells good for hydrangeas? Yes, eggshells are good for hydrangeas. Eggshells contain calcium, which improves the growth of the plant and makes the plant stronger. Should you use large or small pieces of eggshells for hydrangeas? … Read more

When and How Should you Prune Hydrangeas?

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A lot of people get confused about the pruning of hydrangeas. Should you prune them? If yes, then when and how should you Prune Hydrangeas? The decision of when to prune Hydrangea depends on whether yours is an Old wood Bloomer or a new wood bloomer. When to prune Old wood bloomers Hydrangeas? Old wood … Read more

Are Banana Peels Good for Hydrangeas?

Banana Peels Good for Hydrangeas

Bananas are extremely popular fruits, and very easily available as well. A lot of people wonder if you can use banana peels as fertilizers for plants like hydrangeas. Yes, banana peels are good for hydrangeas. Banana peels contain some amount of potassium and other nutrients, which promotes rapid growth and blooming. So, banana peels are … Read more

Is Clay Soil Good for Hydrangeas?

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Clay soil is one of the most common types of soil. However, it is difficult to grow many plants in it. Can you grow hydrangeas in clay soil? Yes, you can grow hydrangeas in clay soil. Hydrangeas can tolerate clay soil that retains moisture. This is not the ideal type of soil for hydrangeas, but they … Read more

How Far Apart to Plant Hydrangeas?

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Hydrangeas grow up to be really large plants, so it is not advisable to place them very close to each other. As a general rule of thumb, you should plant Hydrangeas at a distance of one foot more than the width of one plant. Here is a quick look at how far apart you should … Read more

When You Should Prune Oakleaf Hydrangeas And How To Do It?

Prune Oakleaf Hydrangeas

Oakleaf hydrangeas are one of the many varieties of hydrangeas. The plant, with its white blooms and foliage like an oak tree, is very popular among gardeners, but many have no idea how or when to prune Oakleaf Hydrangeas. When you should prune oakleaf hydrangea flowers? You should prune hydrangeas when the flowers begin to … Read more

How to Revive Dying Hydrangea Plant?

Hydrangea Wilting

Hydrangeas are beautiful plants with large clusters of flowers. The flowers come in various colors and add vibrance to any place. However, sometimes, you might notice a wilting or dying hydrangea plant and wonder how to revive my hydrangea plant. You can revive dying Hydrangea after understanding what is causing harm to you. Most common … Read more

How to Grow Hydrangeas in Containers or Pots? Steps to Follow


Hydrangeas are aesthetically beautiful plants that brighten the look of any place with colorful flowers. However, you might have wondered how to grow hydrangeas in containers. Following is a guide on how you can grow Hydrangeas in Pots. Choosing a container While planting hydrangeas in a container, make sure that the roots have a lot … Read more

10 Reasons Why Hydrangea May be Drooping and Wilting? [With Solutions]

Hydrangea Wilting

Hydrangeas are beautiful plants that are good for landscaping your garden. However, the sight of a wilting hydrangea doesn’t look too good. Though this is quite a common problem. Causes and solutions for hydrangea drooping and wilting. Let us look at each of them in detail. 1. Extreme temperatures Any extreme temperature conditions can be … Read more