Why are my Basil Leaves Small? (Tips to Fix it)

Basil Leaves small

Basil is a very aromatic herb that is used for making a lot of delicacies, such as pesto, salads, bruschetta, etc. It grows plenty of leaves that you can harvest and use for the entire season. However, sometimes the basil plant grows tiny leaves, which are not sufficient for anything that you want to use … Read more

Ants on basil plant (3 Reasons and Solutions)

Why are there ants on my basil plant

Ants on any plant are never a good sight. They can multiply very quickly, which means that they can cover the whole plant in a very short time. While ants are usually harmless to basil and do not feed on it, they can be a nuisance sometimes. Thus, It is important to know why and … Read more

When and How to Harvest Basil Seeds? (Explained)

harvest basil seeds

Basil is an aromatic herb that is used everywhere around the world for the flavor of its leaves. While the leaves are definitely the most used, you can also harvest Basil Seeds as they contain nutrients helpful to us. When to harvest basil seeds? The basil grows very pretty flowers, but once it starts flowering, … Read more

10 Common Reasons for Basil Plant Wilting (with Solutions)

basil plant wilting

Basil is a well-loved herb all over the world. Although it is very easy to plant and grow, it is a sensitive herb that easily develops droopy, wilted leaves. The most common reason for basil plant wilting is over-watering or under-watering. Common causes of Basil plant wilting Let us look at the reasons and solutions … Read more

Why are my Basil Leaves Turning Yellow? (With Solutions)

Basil Leaves Turning Yellow

Basil is a versatile herb used all over the world. It is easy to grow and beneficial for many purposes. However, it is also susceptible to many conditions, diseases, and pests that may lead to Basil leaves turning yellow. Causes for Basil Leaves turning yellow Here is a list of the reasons why basil could … Read more

Why is my Purple Basil turning Green? Tips to avoid

Purple Basil turning Green

Purple basil is a beautiful herb to have in the house. The intense purple color looks very rich. However, if you own a purple basil plant, you might have noticed that the deep color fades after some time, and it often turns green. Anthocyanin is a pigment that is responsible for the purple color of … Read more

Why is my Basil bitter? How to fix it?

Bitter Basil

When it comes to taste, nobody wants strong, bitter-tasting basil. Basil leaves can turn bitter for many reasons like flowering, harsh sunlight, overwatering, underwatering, basil type, etc. Let us look at these causes in detail and the simple ways with which you can fix your plant. Is basil a bitter herb? Basil is an aromatic … Read more

7 Causes of Black Spots on Basil Leaves? (With Solutions)

Black Spots on Basil leaves

It might be shocking to see Black spots on your Basil Leaves. It is natural that you would want to know the reasons and the likely solution to make your Basil lively and Healthy. A basil plant might get black spots anywhere on the leaves due to varied reasons like pests, fungi, sunburn, overwatering, etc. … Read more

How to water an indoor basil plant? The Right Way!

How to water an indoor basil plant

While Basil is easy enough to grow, watering it can be a bit challenging as basil has very specific water requirements. The key to watering the basil is to water it when it requires or when the soil is dry. This may depend on factors like season, soil, or the container that you have grown. … Read more

10 Good and 4 Bad Basil Companion Plants

Basil companion plants

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a herb that is widely known for its culinary use and numerous health benefits. It is also a great choice for companion planting, as it goes well with many different plants and herbs. Basil is one of the best companion plants. With its many beneficial properties, basil provides protection to a … Read more