Can Azalea Survive Winter? Help Your Azaleas Survive Frost

Azalea Survive Winter

When one thinks of winter, a few conditions come to mind. These are cold, frost, and wind. For avid Azalea growers, winter is a worry. Can Azalea Survive Winter? Azaleas are quite hardy and are able to withstand USDA zones 5 to 9. However, they will require your help to survive winter and frost conditions.  … Read more

Can Azalea Grow In Clay Soil?

can Azalea grow in Clay soil

Options may seem limited when you have an empty garden full of clay soil. But can Azalea grow in clay soil?  Azalea can grow in Clay soil though it is not ideal. It is too heavy, with poor drainage, and is nutrient deficient. You would need to make amendments to have a thriving Azalea. Here … Read more

Can Azalea Grow In Shade? If So, How Much Shade?

Can Azalea Grow In Shade

Azaleas are beautiful plants that are known to thrive well in Sunlight but can Azalea grow in shade? Azaleas grow best in full sun or part shade but do not thrive well in full shade.  Only with a mixture of both will azaleas flower at their best potential. Or else their flowering and growth may … Read more

Why are my Azaleas Turning Yellow? (Causes and Solutions)

Azaleas Turning Yellow

Azalea plants are easy enough to grow if you have the right conditions. But, if just one condition is off, you may find your azaleas turning yellow.  Azaleas can turn yellow for reasons like :  Shortage of Nitrogen in the soil Lack of water Soil is too alkaline to support azalea growth The soil drainage … Read more