Can You Plant Alyssum In Pots? What Influences Its Growth

Alyssum In Pots

Ever walked past a house or garden and seen flowering pot plants? You probably went home and tried to find what plant it was. If it was alyssum, you’ll probably be trying to figure out if you can plant alyssum in pots. That’s if you don’t have space in your garden. You can plant alyssum … Read more

Where Does Alyssum Grow Best? Tips to grow Alyssum

Water Alyssum

Alyssums are low-growing border plants with dainty clusters of flowers, they spread readily, and self-seed. To keep your alyssum plant happy, a question you must answer is “where does alyssum grow best?” Factors that impact Allysum growth are soil, water, sunlight, temperature, fertilizer, positioning, and companion plants. If you’re eager to know where to locate … Read more

Do Bees Like Alyssum? Does Alyssum Attract Bees?

Bees Like Alyssum

If you are growing flowering plants in your garden, you would have noticed that bees are quite important insects to attract. So you might wonder if bees like alyssum?  Yes, bees do like alyssum because of their scent, pollens, appearance, and flower arrangement among other reasons. As bees like alyssum, you should plant them in … Read more

Alyssum Benefits and Uses (Medicinal and Gardening)

Water Alyssum

To a novel gardener, alyssum plants might not sound like anything amazing, but rather normal plants. However, there are several benefits of alyssum plants that apply to your garden and medicinally as well.  Alyssum is used as a traditional medicine for Gonorrhea, colds and flu, rabies, and kidney ailments. In the garden, alyssum helps you … Read more

How Often to Water Alyssum? Alyssum Watering schedule

Water Alyssum

Alyssum is a plant that differs from most in terms of flowers and foliage, and they are also somewhat sensitive in their watering habits. It loves moisture, hence it requires consistent watering. Now, how often should you water your Alyssum? You should water Alyssum 2 – 3 times a week to keep the soil moist but not … Read more

Why is My Alyssum Dying? Reasons and Preventions

Alyssum Dying

Alyssum is a low-growing, flowering plant that is typically used as a border plant in garden beds. They have tiny pink or white flowers that bring life to the garden. So if your Alyssum is dying, you would be looking for reasons to save the plant. Reasons for Alyssum Dying include Cold or frost, Poor … Read more